Why XYZ.com is not on the list of PPL sites.

Why XYZ.com is not on the list of PPL sites. Among all articles about fraud on PPL sites (I plan to make a list of all publications on the topic one day), one post stands out, attracting plenty of attention from visitors and users — the one listing websites of paid correspondence that we review to ensure a woman’s profile doesn’t appear there (that’s one of the measures how we keep our database clean).

The most typical question I get, “Elena, why XYZ [the brand name goes here] is not on the list of PPL sites?”

Here is what I usually answer to this question and some others that visitors typically ask.

1. Why [the brand name goes here] website is not on the list?

I have answered this question before and just want to make it clear again.

The list of PPL sites we posted is not exhaustive by any means.

This list is missing LOTS of names, it’s not a listing of “who is who in Ukrainian dating”. PPL companies create new “skins” for websites all the time. The same websites keep developing new skins under different URLs to avoid detection, gain a marketing advantage or move to a new software. It’s impossible to create an exhaustive list of pay-per-letter websites for this reason.

So, don’t look for a name on the list. It’s pointless. All PPL companies are misleading their clients and don’t tell the truth about paying agents for communication.

If it’s a site where you are charged for every message, then the provider of the content (mails, chats, photos, videos) is profiting on your communication. It’s a given! 100% certainty.

You can find a more exhaustive list of PPL websites here (created by providers of BOTS used by agents to automate fake chats and mails).

2. What is your rule for approving profiles on Elena’s Models?

Our rule is, “If a woman’s listing is found on a PPL site, her profile cannot be approved on Elena’s Models.”

Read also how we approve profiles on EM and why we refuse them.

Other links on this topic:

3. Why are you not using brand names when talking about PPL sites, are you afraid?

The reason why we avoid using brand and company names is because we have previously been sued by Anastasia and had to fight them in the USA court for absolutely fabricated accusations, including “trademark infringement”. It was expensive and disruptive. At the end, we were victorious and Anastasia got a judgement against them. You can read the court materials online. Maybe it will give you a better understanding of practices of PPL companies.

Funny they call themselves an “international dating service which, for a fee, matches men in the United States with women located in Russia and Ukraine”. While in fact they are not “matching men for a fee” but charging for communication (PPL or pay-per-message) and at the same time paying commissions to content providers (agents) out of the fees taken from the paying clients. So, even when they come to the Court, they don’t tell the truth.

Anastasia vs. Elena's Models court case documents.

Review court documents in the online archive.

Our Wikipedia page, which had links to the documents, got removed by some reason. Here is the link to it in an online archive. In fact, the website that Anastasia was unhappy about was created, apparently, by its former client from Finland.

For some reason, certain PPL personalities still believe that we (EM) had anything to do with it, just like they kept accusing me in being “Jim” from AgencyScams for years — no, it was not me or anyone from EM. Just like I am not David Brunner, or anyone else who decides to speak up against fraudulent activities of PPL agents. The whistle-blowers are real people who do their own thing, without any input or influence from me or Elena’s Models. In fact, they have started talking about PPL scams long before I did. I believe Jim from AgencyScams (now inactive) was writing about it already in 2006.

I am tried of telling that I have never criticized systems of paid communication under a false identity; PPL trolls still don’t believe it and keep going. Unintelligent people, what can I say… Just think how much effort they have spent in vain thinking it was me behind the websites criticizing them, when it was someone else. And they still keep doing it! Or maybe they know it’s not me but keep insisting it’s me, just to throw dirt on EM. Won’t surprise me if it’s just a plot. In fact, nothing will surprise me regarding websites of paid correspondence anymore. Their moral standards seem to be disturbingly low.

It just seems there are not too many Russian-American dating websites giving an honest service, so most industry insiders, including PPL agents themselves, recommend Elena’s Models to people who seek something real, which is ironic.

PPL agent recommends Elena's Models as an honest dating site.

PPL agent recommends Elena’s Models as a place to register for “real dating and communication”, with the priority of a “real acquaintance and marriage”. Even workers of these schemes know it’s pointless to use PPL if you want something real. (Source: forumodua.com)

But PPL trolls decided that the reason why their former clients recommend EM, while saying that on PPL sites providers of the content are being paid (which is 100% true, by the way), is because I am somehow personally behind these websites. Or at least PPL adepts behave as if they believe it (the court case by Anastasia is one example).

Guys, seriously, I have enough on my plate without setting up dozens of websites and blogs against you. Unfortunately for you, for many years you have been making people really upset and they do it out of their own accord.

PPL trolls post a lot of fake complaints online about EM, false reviews, even set up whole bogus websites, etc. They have no morals about it, anything goes, as long as it sounds bad. It’s a never ending battle for us — and it had been like this even before I started to write about PPL. Funny enough, the fact they kept accusing me in being someone who was speaking against them was actually a push to investigate, and now I am confident that the days of the PPL industry are counted.

The only thing I can actually be accused of by PPL companies is stating that there is a lot of fraud on their websites and they miserably failed to fix it.

Moreover, their websites are purposefully designed in the way that makes the fraud possible. Think of the fire in the shopping centre “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo, Russia, where at least 64 people died, which is the top news today in Russia. Whose fault is it? Who is responsible? Who is guilty that dozens of kids were left to burn to death behind the locked doors of cinemas when a fire started in the building? The system or just every little person on the floor?

The first time I wrote about PPL scams was in April 2015, less than 3 years ago. It was the first time I personally understood what PPL scams were about. The court case by Anastasia was a push in this direction, certainly. Until that time I actually (naively) thought PPL sites were OK and women listed there were legitimate. Now, after dealing with their constant attacks with false claims (and having told Anastasia’s lawyers we had nothing to do with the websites they were unhappy about — and they still (!) pushed ahead with the court case claiming some 2.5 million US dollars in damages), my feelings towards PPL changed — especially after I have read thousands of pages of Internet forums where the workers discussed how they operate the fraud.

Here is a quote from the former WIKI article (removed for the reason unknown to us, possibly the trolls caused it) about the judge’s verdict:

Elena's Models wiki page (Wikipedia), quote.

Katherine Forrest is the same judge who was overseeing the case against Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht.

Although we were victorious in the case, fighting legal battles is not our core business.

Our core business is giving an honest service to our clients. We are under a constant attack from PPL sites and their agents for speaking up about scams and fraud originating from this misleading system based on paying commissions to content providers. How is it our business? We are in this industry and it affects the whole industry if the majority of providers start using deceitful practices. I have the right to operate an honest business in an industry that works with integrity. This is why I am so strongly against PPL websites. If a number of companies in your industry were allowing their clients to find themselves defrauded, you probably would also feel the same.

This is why we encourage all victims of PPL fraud to file legal complaints to authorities and demand investigation, prosecution, bans, and repayment of financial and moral damages by Master Sites, which took your money and made promises and false representations. Instead of hiding behind anonymous online comments, tell what happened to you to authorities that have the power to stop scams. Don’t be complicit in what you know is a corrupt system, which keeps causing suffering and emotional pain to tens of thousands of people around the world. Have trust that federal authorities know what to do and how to get to the bottom of the fraud when they see it.

This post was adapted from a response to a comment to the article List of PPL Sites. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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