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There are no profiles set up as a bain on Elena's Models. It's out guarantee.If you received a note from a woman on Elena’s Models, is she a real person or maybe the site just posts such messages to bait you? The short answer: There are no so called “bait” profiles or messages on Elenasmodels.com set up by the site. It’s guaranteed under our “Integrity disclosure” in the Terms of Use.

No bait profiles or messages: It’s our guarantee

It is part of Elena’s Models Terms of Use: No bait messages or profiles set up by third parties who are paid. We don’t do it ourselves, nor do we employ or pay commissions or wages to someone else to do it.

  • No profiles are set up by the site in order to attract users.
  • We do not purchase any profiles from agents.
  • We do not pay commissions to any agents for setting up profiles or writing messages on the site.
  • We do not use any bots and there is no software hardcoded into the site to impersonate users. Photo likes, profile visits, expressions of interest and mails are sent by users, not bots.
  • All women whose profiles are approved on the site after a personal interview confirmed that they would be communicating with men on their own, without agents, and that they are able to do it, including access to the Internet and ability to connect through a computer or a mobile device.
  • Specifically, we ban profiles of women who have active listings on PPL websites. This is done to avoid “bait and switch” typical for PPL schemes: Agents set profiles on other dating websites in order to lure the user away and make him pay for messages through a PPL structure.

integrity disclosureWhy women send me an EOI and then disappear? (Variant: Why women answer positively on my EOI and then stop communication?)

It happens on all dating sites that people register without knowing what to expect. You, too, didn’t know what exactly to expect when registered on Elenasmodels.com.

A person may register, send a bunch of EOI’s and never login again. It can be a female or a male. Ladies also complain about the same things: Guys send them EOIs, they respond, and then the man never contacts her again.

It’s just the nature of online dating: People contact other users they see as possible candidates, but once they get positive responses, they have favourites and pursue these connections first. It’s like your saying “Hi” to someone in a bar: You have no obligations to continue talking to this person or date him or her.

Difference with PPL (pay per letter) websites

There are dating sites offering contacts with foreign women and charging you for every letter, where the contact seems to be extremely reliable in the sense that you will always get an answer to your mail or chat.

  • It is part of rules for PPL agents that all letters have to be answered, no matter what. This happens because PPL agents are paid for all communication: letters, chats, photos. In addition, agents are fined $10 if a mail or chat is not responded to: It’s part of job description.
  • This is why the pattern of communication on PPL sites is predictable and reliable. As one commentator put it, “you are getting honey poured into your ears“.

If you want reliable chats and responses, go to PPL sites. But if you want a genuine relationship and connection with someone who talks to you because they like you (and not because they are being paid), then you will find it here on Elena’s Models.

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