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PPL fakesSometimes I get comments to the blog from men wondering why I am so much against PPL sites. Here are the top 10 reasons why I take a strong stand against PPL.

10 reasons why I am against PPL sites

The reasons why I detest pay-per-letter sites are simple.

1. PPL is corrupt to the bone.

Some guys still think it may be about money or competition. Truth is, we, genuine dating sites, don’t compete with PPL, even though it may look like we do. But crooks and genuine services don’t compete. It’s just a temporary glitch in the system that failed to self-regulate.

  • For instance, there is an athlete that trains hard and the one using steroids or prohibited substances. Do they compete? No. The one using steroids should not be there at all. If he is, it’s a violation of the rules and it’s not a fair competition.
  • The same thing with genuine dating sites vs. PPL. The paid communication systems are crooked all the way through. They simply should not be here. The only reason why these sites are still not outlawed is based on lies and deception by PPL sites and lack of checks by authorities.
  • Think back to 1970s when USSR and East Germany were winning basketloads of medals in sports because of the use of banned substances, which were simply not detected due to the poor system of checks. That’s the state of the dating industry today. Cheating wasn’t allowed back then in sports; what happened was the lack of detection and action to correct the untruths.

2. As a specialist I have a duty to warn others.

Not many people understand fully how the process of international dating works. I am in this industry since 1999 and I know more than most other professionals, who are not involved in international dating.

Besides, I am able to read Russian, which allows me to uncover sources that non-Russian speaking researchers would struggle to locate. Honest citizens have a duty to warn the public about crimes and scams. I am doing just that.

3. PPL corrupts innocent souls.

Getting involved in PPL structures can be only compared to recruiting women into prostitution. In fact, PPL is emotional prostitution.

The worst is that PPL recruiters, because of the easy ride for the last 10 years and absence of sanctions from authorities, promote to new recruits that it’s all legitimate and there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

  • There are at least 40,000 profiles of women listed on PPL sites. It’s 40,000 people who are actively engaged in deception and scamming due to the large scale of operations of these structures.
  • The most prominent PPL site boasts having 500 partner agencies in Ukraine alone. It’s 500 entrepreneurs actively engaged in recruitment of new souls into the emotional prostitution of fake relationships.

The young women who get involved into PPL structures when seeking a part-time job are confused by agents into scamming foreigners for money. But they don’t realize it until it’s too late and they are deeply involved in a fraudulent scheme. Once young girls understand what they are doing, they are already an integral part of it. They realize their falling and start thinking badly about themselves, feeling they are not good people and giving up further on their moral standards.

 4. PPL exacerbates problems of men who use it.

Men get interested in international dating sites because they could not find someone suitable at home. These men may be shy or have a limited dating pool available, which doesn’t mean they are not good people. It’s just some guys are open and social and others are more reserved. Some people are more introverted by nature; others cannot date freely at home because of their jobs or status. The reasons why these men are alone are similar to reasons why Eastern European women using international dating sites are single.

But because of PPL’s diversions and untruths, men have virtually no chance of meeting someone suitable who wants a partner like him, because the paid communication scheme is built on deception. It only further makes these men feel disappointed about their ability to attract a quality partner.

5. PPL makes men believe illusory propaganda.

Men using PPL sites believe that women from the former USSR are desperate to move countries and would do anything to marry a foreigner, which is untrue.

Guys on paid correspondence websites are convinced that Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarus women 30-40 years their junior will do anything to attain an American (Australian, European) citizenship through marriage. These men are made to believe they can pick and choose; they develop feelings of superiority over women. Such attitudes are detrimental to their overall psychological health and relationship prospects.

6. Men suffer financially.

Users of PPL sites pay for communication, which is the essence of the pay-per-letter (pay-per-chat) system. But this communication is totally needless. It’s not building a relationship but an illusion of it.

It’s like getting a bottle of salty water instead of the promised patented powerful medicine and paying a top dollar for that. A person selling fake medicine would be in trouble, but PPL sites selling fake communication or pretend romances keep advertising for new clients. This O’Henry-style matrimonial scam is over 100 years old (fraudsters in the classic novel also hired a “bride” to show to police in case of checks), but websites of paid correspondence gave it a new life.

Many men spend more than they can afford in hopes of attaining a romantic partner, while it’s totally illusionary. Like with any scam, large or small, which causes financial losses, the money could have been used in better ways.

7. Being single can kill you.

Loneliness is physically damaging to your health and researchers have proven that being single can kill you. Men who are seeking relationships but get hijacked by PPL sites may never be able to find a partner or have a family of their own.

Thus, PPL sites are not only damaging men’s finances or self-esteem, but they may be effectively setting their clients for early death.

8. As an honest worker, I have the right to have a fair go.

As I said earlier, PPL and genuine dating sites do not compete. It’s not possible for a genuine dating site to compete with a system where men are showered with chat invitations fired by bots, universal adoration and sham affection from paid ‘brides”. PPL workers tell male clients anything and everything they want to hear; how real women can compete with that?

PPL agents pay hundreds of dollars to professional photographers (to extract thousands from suitors later); genuine women struggle to get such high quality photos. You are showered with mails from teenage models and told that they want to marry you; what is the chance for real women 30+ who want a partner?

It’s like an honest worker who comes to give a quote for a job and offers a realistic estimation, and then a crook comes and promises the highest standard materials for half of the price. But the crook never intended to deliver—and never will. Being an honest worker, I want to have a fair go. I cannot compete against crooks promising the Moon and the stars for a few cents.

  • If men knew they were paying for substituted communication or that the women who talk to them are paid to do that, would they still buy the service? If PPL sites openly told men what they do and guys would still want to use them, then OK, it’s fair. But right now PPL sites lie about the essence of their services and it’s not fair. I have the right to things being fair in the industry where I work.

9. PPL sites use dishonest tactics.

After my article Leaks by agents expose endemic fakes in PPL dating was published, it soon reached the forum on which it reported.

Immediately the agents on the forum started posting fake “screenshots” insinuating that Elena’s Models hire women to communicate or pay to girls to contact men.

Truth is, we don’t even need to hire women to communicate. Because Elenasmodels.com is subscription-based, we could simply use bots, like PPL sites do, to send EOI’s or mails, supposedly from women. Of course, we don’t do it. It goes against the principles of integrity that we stand for.

It is also not possible with real women. They will see messages in their accounts they haven’t sent and it would cause giant problems.

It doesn’t cause problems for PPL sites, because their systems are inherently built for fake communication: The “brides” are paid, as are the impersonators who type letters. Getting as many paying clients as possible is everybody’s goal on sites of paid communication. It’s all about money; not about relationships that make 2 people happy.

But real women only want to talk to men they like. They don’t need many men writing to them; all they need is one man who could be The One.

It’s also not possible for us to pay women, because men are not paying for communication on EM—it’s free and unlimited. (PPL websites pay commissions to agents from the amounts they charge men for chats and mails.)

The PPL agents also threatened to post fake statements about Elena’s Models on men’s forums. You can see the level of deceit and corruption by their immediate reaction to being exposed. Agents instantly jumped to dishonest tactics of lies and forgery; that’s what they are accustomed to. And it’s harrowing.

10. I am putting my name under my words.

Lots of other whistleblowers are hesitant to put their names under the critique of PPL systems. I feel the need for a real person who can be contacted to give a legitimate voice to the anti-PPL message.

I am not affiliated with any other whistleblowers. For instance, for a long time PPL adepts were insisting that me and Jim (Jim’s List, Agency Scams) were the same person—no, we were not. I am also not David Brunner or any other person who stands against PPL sites. Anyone who is claiming that is a faker. I don’t work with any other whistleblowers, never met them. They are acting on their own. And they discovered what PPL was long before me.

I am giving my own message openly and directly right here, under my own name. I have the right to tell the truth and expose fakes, warn potential participants of PPL schemes, men and women, about the true essence of this system and its devastating effects on ethics, psychological and physical health of its partakers.

PPL sites have angered a lot of their users and the number of people standing against this corrupt system is growing. If I was affiliated with other whistleblowers, I would just say it. I don’t hide my attitude to PPL since I found out in April 2015 what it was. From that point, I realized it was a sham and here is my message.

That’s the simplicity of it. I can tell how it is, because our system on EM is transparent and genuine. I am ready to open our computers and code to any legitimate media or federal authorities.

Can PPL sites do the same?

I have listed my reasons to take a stand against PPL—What are yours to shun it or be part of it?

I can only voice my message and explain to the best of my ability why pay-per-letter systems are dangerous and immoral. Any your participation in these systems as a client causes further damage, transparently described in the points above. If men were not paying to PPL websites to entertain them (see p.5), the sites would not be able to pay agents, who would not be able to continue recruiting.

It’s up to you to make your choices.

Just don’t say later that you “didn’t know” or “didn’t believe it”. You know, deep inside, it’s true. And you have full responsibility for all the choices you are making about being a part of PPL or staying away, starting from this moment.

  • If you knew that women were paid to talk to men, if you knew that PPL communication is substituted, would you still use these websites? 

It’s your life, your choices and your consequences. Take a stand and live with it.

One person can make a difference. I don’t just believe it; I know it for sure. Read about the teen who stood up against all and made it right. And remember, it’s not only about you. It’s about all the people involved and the world becoming a nicer place.

Yours kindly,
Elena Petrova

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I agree with Elena’s comments. As I do not have a woman’s perspective, I cannot say how some of the women who write letters and provide photos for the PPL sites ultimately feel. But I feel a lot of sympathy for the men (often very lonely) who are “scammed” by the PPL sites. The monetary loss is bad enough, but the adverse emotional impacts can be much larger and last a long time. You can say that is largely their fault for being “conned” by these sites given the number of warnings about them, but vulnerable people are often not… Read more »


I have traveled to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to meet with the ladies that used Elena’s Models services. Every single one of them was a genuine woman looking for a permanent partner. My first trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg was with an organized tour by a company that, as far as I know, no longer exists. We had organized socials where a few hundred ladies met with us 20 men. The company did as they had promised to do, however, the system was flawed. We were having interviews, interviews that felt like job interviews, with ladies that we knew… Read more »

Robert W
Robert W

I also agree with Elena and I think she is doing everyone a great service by letting potential dating site users be aware of the PPL dating sites. They are very polished and sophisticated in the way they suck guys in especially those completely new to online dating. I have this experience too, I had separated from my wife and did not want to be alone in life, I’m a mature man with a young outlook I don’t have a big social network so I tried some local websites and the suitable ladies there did just not appeal to me… Read more »


Robert W

While I think Elena is right, I can see why you want to believe her.

Perhaps one way to help you make a decision is to have a video chat with her. The expense may be worth the insights you gain from her responses and body language. If you are having a video chat with her, then just ask for her contact details during the chat


I am one that pretty much recently duped by a PPL. Not too badly money wise after reading some other horror stories, but could of used that money for something more productive like my trip to Eastern Europe for tourist and dating reasons. I was completely unaware how complex or a waste of money these PPL sites are for finding a real partner. I did get off the site once I got a few personal contacts information and once I realized what a few of the women were doing to string me along to open more letters; although I wish… Read more »

Alex De jesus
Alex De jesus

Ppl sites are designed to exploit one thing …..loneliness and need for love. They are evil , ladies get paid fro chat, get paid for sending there fake contact information to you, get paid when you buy the ridiculous expensive flowers and gifts. Many of them are married or live with a man in there country already. Men ,make money for posting as woman and doing chat or answering letters.If you ever go see them you pay the expensive translator who acts like a nun and does not let you get close to the lady. The translator fees are ridiculous… Read more »

shawn kinney
shawn kinney

Elena, what is your options for the women who live in makeevka Ukraine that I’m told they don’t have access to cell phones and the internet connection is poor how can they be a part of your site sincerely Shawn


I was in the PPL for two years that I thought was not a dream factory but a reality. After a while, my eyes opened slowly, but unfortunately I lost a lot of money, not just money … It was really life-giving. His own desire for a child led to this dream factory after everything could be bought. Just when the line had been completed, the brides became frivolous and I thought about it. They could not be squeezed, at the end of one of my “serious” relationships I got tanned photographs of the bride just to get my salary… Read more »