Monthly income of Ukrainian families is only USD 111 per personAccording to statistics, the average salary of a Ukrainian in March 2017 was 6,957 UAH (about USD $260) monthly. On this amount income earners have to support their families, which gives, according to the government’s official data, only 111 US Dollars per family member.

Despite the modest absolute number of the average March 2017 pay check, the trend can be called positive. A year ago it was only 5,046 UAH ($188 at the relevant exchange rate).

Salary range

Analysts from complied an updated list of most popular professions. The data came from analyzing vacancies placed through the online recruitment portal, reported.

In 2017, the highest wages are offered to sales managers, drivers, and IT workers.

These specialists can earn around 10,000 UAH ($375) per month. People employed in show business and real estate can hope for about the same paychecks.

If one considers the entire range of wages advertised, this is what we will find:

  1. 85% of employers are not ready to pay employees more than 13,000 UAH ($487).
  2. Job ads offering 13,000 – 26,000 UAH ($487-975): 12%.
  3. Vacancies paying 26,000 – 39,000 UAH ($975-1462): 2.3%.
  4. Job offers with remuneration 50,000 UAH ($1875) or more: 0.05%.

However, there are still plenty of Ukrainian employers offering basic salaries of around the minimum wage 3,200 hryvnia, which is just 120 US Dollars. This is per month, not per week. Weekly payments are not practiced in the country.

At the same time, the government still fights so called “shadow economy”, where people get paid cash in envelopes, which allows both workers and hirers to save on taxes. It’s estimated about 40-47% of the state’s economy is in the shade. So, we can adjust the average earnings by 25-40% for a cash topper “in the envelope”, which is still a pretty low figure, whichever way you look at it.

Official reports from 2016 quoted that only 3 million people in the country pay taxes in full.

Salary range

85% of Ukrainian employers are not ready to pay workers over $487 a month.

In demand jobs

The highest demand in Ukraine is for salesmen.

  • The number of vacancies in sales was 15.7% of the total offers in Ukraine.
  • Next, comes manufacturing with a share of 12.5%.
  • The growing sphere of IT (8.1%) is not far behind.

Job ads by location:

  1. Kiev region has the highest number of jobs listed.
  2. Odessa is in the second place.
  3. It is followed by Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

Remote jobs

Experts from note an increase of vacancies that involve remote employment: 5% of available positions are listed for people who are expected to work from home.

By the way, the infamous PPL marriage agencies job vacancies. which Trud still features in its listings, also fall into this category.

  • Two-thirds of requests for remote employees are for copywriters and social media managers, who look after accounts of companies in social networks.
  • 1/4 of remote positions call for workers of online stores.
Remote jobs

In total, 5% of available positions in Ukraine are for those working from home.

Official statistics of Ukraine

The following data is provided by the government’s statistics and research service Ukrstat.

  • 406,000 people were registered as unemployed in Ukraine at the end of March 2017.
  • The average monthly unemployment benefit in March 2017 was 2028 hryvnia ($76).
  • Average monthly disposable income per family member in 2016 was only 2967 hryvnia (111 US Dollars at today’s exchange rate).
  • Collectively as a nation, Ukrainians lost 9,2 billion hryvnia ($348 million) in financial assets in 2016 as compared to their wealth by the end of the previous year.


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But wait. Why you converting everything to dollars? 7000 UAH is a lot of money in Ukraine, even for entire family. Income for 1 person exceeding 5000 hryvnas is king-like. 50 000 hryvnas is about to become a emperor of universe. If they earn slightly above average wage, or at least more than minimum wage, they can still save a lot of money. No joke, seriously. And why are you repeating in every article that story of grey and black economy? Do you seriously think that in United Kingdom or France, USA… every income is white-only? No. This is happening… Read more »


Fajid, this is not happening everywhere, i don’t know why you think its normal but it isn’t. and it’s quite possible to be proud of your country and accept the reality of what’s happening in it as well.


Fajid, LOL, you’ve never been to Ukraine recently but unfortunately, the economy has worsened since most of Ukraine’s trade was dependent on Russia before 2014. Why? Because due to decrease of 8 hgrivnas to $1 USD (it’s now about 25 hgrivnas to $1 USD), there is massive inflation, which is made worse by the gov embargo against East Ukraine’s coal & steel industry. It costs about $200 to $300 USD PER MONTH in food, depending on how much meat you buy –it costs $50-$100 USD per MONTH for heating, gas, & electricity due to the massive austerity & prices increases… Read more »


Elena, when I read this article, and other articles on the Elenas Models’ blog about monthly salaries in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, but especially Ukraine (I am traveling to Ukraine, Kiev specifically, very soon and am most interested in Kiev and Ukrainian salaries), you list average monthly salary figures….but you NEVER state whether these are monthly salaries Before Tax or After Tax. Obviously there is a huge difference between an average monthly salary in Ukraine of $260 Before Tax (would only equal about $208 after tax as 20% is the approximate tax rate in Ukraine from what I can gather… Read more »


I have been in Ukraine in April this year with some friends. We have spoken to many people there, in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kjiv. Maybe 98% of them said to us, that they earn less then minimum wage. Less than 3200 UAH per month! Officially they earn the minimum wage, but their chiefs said them, they can not pay the new minimum wage. It was doubled this year!! From 1600 UAH to 3200 UAH. So a lot of people gets offically the minimum wage but de facto they earn less money. I think the statistics are not including this sad facts.… Read more »