Do beautiful people really earn more? In fact, it pays to be uglyDo you still think that beautiful people earn more? In fact, the level of income grows with the level of unattractiveness. How is this possible? A new research by USA and UK scientists states it pays to be ugly.

Do beautiful people earn more? Of course… not.

Most of the previous studies suggested that physically unattractive workers earn less than their attractive colleagues.

However, scientists Satoshi Kanazawa (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Mary Still (the University of Massachusetts in Boston) came to opposite results.

They didn’t limit their studies by simply dividing people into beautiful and unattractive. The researchers took into consideration such aspects as:

  • health
  • IQ
  • psychological qualities

In addition, the scientists divided unattractive people into averagely unattractive and strongly unappealing, Science Daily reports.

At the end, Kanazawa and Still made rather curious conclusions.

  1. People who earn more are healthier, smarter, more conscientious, extroverted, and less nervous. Beauty is nothing if it’s not accompanied by mental and psychological qualities.
  2. The second finding is also quite interesting. It turned out that highly unattractive respondents always earned more than slightly unappealing employees. Quite often, their earnings exceeded the income of pretty and really beautiful people.

As Mary Still explains, they got completely different results for 2 reasons.

  • Firstly, few scientists before them paid attention to such important things as health, intelligence (not education) and personal characteristics.
  • Secondly, in most works, plain and ugly participants were not separated but formed a common group of unattractive people. That is why scientists did not notice the advantages ugliness provides.

In this study, the researchers used the data with exact physical characteristics of American residents. Their attractiveness was regularly estimated using a 5-point scale during 13 years.


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I may think that the sphere matters as well. An attractive waitress will earn more, than the ugly one. And, on the other hand, for example, when you are engaged in the freelance activity, no one cares for the way you look like, but the quality of your work instead. Besides, beauty is in the eyes of beholder and at times just a genuine smile can miraculously change person’s appearance, thus turning a gloomy and ugly guy to an attractive chap.


It depends on the working sphere of course. And if we see a person it is more pleasant to look at an attractive one. For example, I am a tuitor and I think I must look well, smile and dress nicely, so that my pupils feel comfortable about my expertise and knowledge.