10 tips for a successful dating profile photoThe pervasive subject of photos for your dating profile stays current regardless of the season. Some guys’ thoughts seem to be wandering too far away from where they are at the moment. For as long as there are men seeking hot women online, there will be some guys that get it terribly wrong.

Would you want to be the guy that gets the girl? Then strive for the photo that makes women whisper, “That’s Him!”

10 tips for winning dating profile photos

  1. Smile. If anything can transform even the most average of faces, it’s a genuine smile. Rehearse your brightest and kindest smile in front of a mirror. This could take 10 minutes or an hour. However, the effect will show in encouraging responses from hot girls.
  2. Go outdoors. Beautiful natural surroundings lend you some of their attractiveness in the viewer’s mind. Clear blue skies, wide water, stunning architecture create an indelible impression. This is why fashion magazines spend tens of thousands of dollars to shoot models in beautiful clothes in the middle of a desert, on a tropical island, or other sensational locations. If you are outdoors it also means that the picture will have sufficient light, as opposed to dim shots from your bathroom.
  3. Ask a friend for help. Naturally, it’s hard to take a great shot by holding the camera yourself. You can even hire a neighbour’s kid to do it for $20. If you totally do not believe in your ability to solicit assistance, buy a tripod and put a time delay on the camera (mobile phone cameras have this function, too).
  4. Take hundreds of photos. Do you think magazines take 2-3 pictures when they need a captivating shot? Of course, not. Professional photographers keep taking photos as people tend to change their facial expressions and poses, and some of them are definitely going to look more impressive than others. Make tons of pictures and pick the best. You may need 2-3 sessions in bright sunny weather to get enough images for your Photo Gallery on the dating site.
  5. Dress nicely. It’s pointless to go to all the effort and dress in old shorts and a stretched T-shirt. A light-coloured shirt or polo will make you seem more attractive in the eyes of hot Russian girls. Trousers or slacks that look good on you will make a better impression than shorts. Make sure your clothes are ironed and fit well.
  6. Tame your hair. A clean hairstyle and trimmed facial hair or clean shave add class to your charming picture. It won’t hurt to visit a hairstylist before the shooting, if your goal is to end up with a girl who looks above average. If you have no hair, don’t wear a baseball hat. Let the women see how you really look. You can still make it come across great.
  7. Look happy and natural. Are you already smiling? Perfect. Now, make sure that you look relaxed and cheerful. I have seen some smiles in profiles that resemble an incarnation of the Evil Clown. In fact, you may just look pleased and stress-free without actually smiling and it will work for women.
  8. Pick great poses from your favourites. Do you have some style icons? Maybe you have always liked Bruce Willis or Daniel Craig. Both of them are not precisely best looking guys on the planet, but girls are crazy about them. See how your heroes position themselves in photos.
  9. Let the girls pick. First, choose 20-30 images where you like yourself from the hundreds of files that you received as the result. Ask your female friends or colleagues to pick the pictures they like the most from these photographs. Don’t ask aunty Dolly — ask the type of girls you are hoping to attract. Maybe you have a niece or a neighbour, or there are some lovely young ladies in your office. Tell them you need a photo for some community group if you are too shy to tell the truth.
  10. Repeat p.1-9 until you start getting responses from attractive females on the dating site. Yes, after you have done that once it doesn’t mean you stop your efforts to acquire a likable image of yourself. Once you are winning, then you know you have done it right!
Gorgeous Russian girl

If you want to be the man who gets the gorgeous girl, get a good photo for your profile.


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