Want to improve your career? Get a wife or girlfriendAmerican scientists discovered that regular sex life contributes to improved well-being at work and job satisfaction in general.

How to improve your career in 1 step

You probably know that intercourse incites a greater production of dopamine and oxytocin, our hormones of happiness.

Scientists from Oregon State University analyzed work and sex priorities of married employees. They were asked to complete a short questionnaire every day for 2 weeks. The number of participants exceeded 150.

It turned out that those who had intercourse at home were more active and “inspired” the next morning. Consequently, they enjoyed their job responsibilities more and had more chances for a promotion.

After the study, scientists drew a conclusion that successes in career and sex are interrelated.

  • Those employees who prioritize sex at home, the next day are more inspired at work. They achieve better results and become more satisfied with their jobs.
  • Those who tend to bring work problems back home are more likely to experience sexual problems.

That is why scientists advise leaving work issues behind when coming home. Today, when our phones and e-mails are always “on”, it is a way more important to keep job-related issues at the office, Science Daily reports.

If employees sacrifice their sexual life to the job, their job performance is falling, says Keith Leavitt, the lead author of the study.

This effect was the same for all participants regardless of the gender.

Want to succeed at work? Get a wife

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How to improve your career in 1 step

If you want to progress in your career, get a wife or girlfriend.


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