Emotional intelligence is the key to success in both dating and businessThe concept of emotional intelligence appeared when it became obvious that a person’s IQ does not guarantee success in life.

Scientists began to analyze what helps people to prosper. Why do some people with average intellectual abilities reach the heights that very smart individuals can’t conquer?

Later it was discovered that the key to success lies in emotional competence. And if a person’s IQ is almost impossible to change, EQ is easy to improve. Now we know that it is emotional intelligence that is responsible for success in dating, too.

What is EQ?

Emotionally intelligent people accurately perceive emotions, intentions, and desires of others, as well as their own. This allows them to successfully manage different situations and achieve desired results.

Emotional competence is a complex skill, which includes communicative abilities, empathy, self-control, and emotional awareness. Thanks to these qualities, people with high EQ are good at making decisions, dealing with changes and managing employees. And that helps them climb the career ladder as well as build interpersonal relationships with potential love prospects.

5 pieces of research proving importance of EQ

  1. The Center for Creative Leadership (USA) investigated possible causes of failures among the managing personnel. Researchers found that there were 3 main reasons responsible for downfalls such as a person’s inability to deal with difficult situations, problems with working as a team, and poor social skills. That is, emotionally incompetent leaders have fewer chances to succeed.
  2. The next organization, Egon Zehnder International, monitored over 500 leaders and discovered that those who had excellent emotional skills did better than directors with the highest IQ. Indicators of IQ and EQ were practically not interrelated, Fast Company reports.
  3. The Carnegie Institute of Technology study has showed that 85% of a person’s financial success depends on the ability to build relations, as well as discuss and manage questions with others. And only 15% was because of intellectual abilities. It is known that people are more likely to build ties with those whom they believe and trust, rather than with those that offer the best product at the best price.
  4. The previous conclusion is confirmed by the discovery made in 1997. Hay/McBer Research and Innovation Group conducted a study of a sizable company. They discovered that agents with low EQ brought the company’s on average USD $54,000 per sale of company’s services, while their colleagues with higher EQ made sales worth 114,000 dollars.
  5. The larger is the company, the more important for it to hire workers with high EQs. For example, in 1999 supervisors of a large factory did a course on listening skills. As the result, the number of lost-time situations dropped by half, and the number of complaints went down 15 to 3 per year. Financially, the factory was able to make extra 250 thousand dollars.
5 pieces of research proving the importance of EQ

The ability to control you emotions helps at work and in personal relationships.

Want to succeed? Develop emotional intelligence

In relationships with a potential significant other, EQ is even more essential than in career. Developing a meaningful long-term connection and being able to maintain it over time is a skill that requires emotional intelligence.

The main elements of EQ:

  1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness is a key element of emotional intelligence. Self-aware people are able to recognize emotions they experience and manage them. They understand their own and others’ strengths and shortcomings.

  1. Self-management

People who know themselves (see the previous paragraph) are able to manage their emotions more effectively. They are not thrown around by sudden impulses and know how to keep their words and actions under control. Simply put, they think before they act or speak.

  1. Empathy

It is impossible to interact with others effectively without empathy. This quality lies in the ability to put yourself in another person’s place (“shoes”) and understand what feelings one’s words can cause—before uttering them out loud. It helps them not only in building relationships but also in managing of situations through choosing the right words that trigger right emotions.

  1. Communication skills

Communication skills are incredibly important at work. It is not easy to find a common language with others. People with good communication skills are excellent team workers. Moving towards the goal, they simultaneously monitor the emotional atmosphere in the team. Such employees are good at establishing ties and relations, which translates to their personal lives as well. If you think of that, becoming a couple is also about team work.

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Want to succeed? Develop emotional intelligence

The good news is that emotional intelligence can be learned.


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Although, it is very good thing if you don’t have social anxiety. It helps you to communicate to others.


I knew this to be true long before I was officially diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic. My IQ was finally told to me and as I had long known, it was significantly above average. However, I have a VERY low EQ with all of my autism related deficits, I struggle on many life skills. I have recently joined the VIP status and still will be seeking all the help I can get from that because I am still trying and have been on this site for over 10 YEARS!! I have made my first trip to the Russian Federation and… Read more »


Ha, finally smart researchers found out that simple truth. To my opinion the value of EQ must be obvious to any person over 20, especially for those who handle business. I know that I made my success firstly because I’m supportive, tactful and reliable partner. Hope that women on this site will be brave enough to check this out 😉