What jobs pay the best in UkraineUkraine’s official state statistics service revealed the highest paying jobs in the country.

The official average monthly remuneration in January-November 2016 in Ukraine dropped to USD $186 (5070 hryvnia). This is because the exchange rate of USD to Ukrainian hryvnia recently went up.

Highest paying jobs in Ukraine

Ukraine’s statistics agency analysed the official data on wages paid out in the country in 2016. Transport industry seems to be paying the best salaries.

Aviation workers received the highest wages. Their average monthly remuneration in this industry was 24,408 hryvnia (897 US Dollars), according to Ukrstat.

It is 2.4 times more than salaries of other reasonably well-paid paid workers employed in IT, financial and insurance industries, and pharmaceuticals. These professions are traditionally viewed as providing above average incomes. Sailors also get higher than average income.

  • Finance and insurance: 10085 ($370)
  • IT and communications: 9402 ($345)
  • Professional, scientific, and technical: 7820 ($287)
  • Water transport: 6833 (251)
  • Warehousing and support services for transportation: 6464 ($237)

Unsurprisingly, the lowest salaries are in the social sphere. Teachers, doctors, and other government employees earn the least in Ukraine. The majority of people employed in these spheres are females. They earn 3 times less than IT or finance professionals.

  • Education: 3662 ($134)
  • Health and social work: 3290 ($121)
  • Libraries, museums, and other cultural activities: 3604 ($132)
Highest paying jobs in Ukraine

Teachers in schools and employees of the medical field earn the least in Ukraine.

Postal workers earned miniscule $101 a month in Ukraine in 2016. See the complete list and approximate conversions to USD below.

Wages and salaries in Ukraine are paid monthly, not weekly.

Naturally, statisticians could only analyse officially paid salaries while a large portion of local employees receive “cash in envelopes” or “black wages“. Only 3 million Ukrainians (in the country of 42 million) are paying taxes in full, experts estimate. Government employees are obviously paid “white salaries” but employees of privately owned companies typically get a large portion of their wages “under the table”.

Average monthly wages and salaries in Ukraine by industry, January-November 2016

Statistics wages Ukraine 2016.

The official statistics by Ukrstat, 2016. Conversions to USD (highlighted in red) are at the rate of 27.19 Ukrainian hryvnia for 1 USD. (Click to enlarge)

Exchange rate UAH to USD, January 2017.

Exchange rate: Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) to US Dollar (USD), January 2017.

Exchange rate: USD to UAH, January 2017.

Exchange rate: US Dollar (USD) to Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), January 2017.


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Where did you see average salary like ~180$? The best option is to work software developer or to work like Front-End/Back-End. The starting salary for junior is 400$ and he can get much more (~1500$) in the next 2 years. That’s the most perspective choice for young people.


Wow. I’m amazed. I knew that aviation is expensive transport, but I didn’t think that it is the most well-paid industry. I absolutely agree that IT industry is advanced in Ukraine and it is a good job to earn money. Therefore, we can see that technical professions are paid better, than professions related to education and health. Unfortunately, such important professions as teacher and doctor aren’t well-paid, but I’ve heard that their salaries were raised.


Wow I would hate to see what tradesman earn considering these stats. As a tradesman for over 30 years here in Australia I was on as high as wage as $52.- per hour and as low as $35.- per hour. What I could earn in 1 week would probably take about 2 months over there to earn. This is a very sad state. But in saying all this the living costs are probably a lot lower than in Australia.