How to make your online dating profile stand out from the crowdYou have 2 aspects to your profile to make an impression: Picture and text of your online dating profile. Use these tips to gain higher exposure and attract better quality women.

Separating yourself from competition: Your online dating profile

The fact that you are reading these tips now shows that you are seeking to improve your results in online dating.

What’s even better, you are actually doing something to achieve it. Lots of people simply “wish” to do better and do nothing to achieve it.

In fact, when viewing profiles of men on dating sites, it’s a sad picture for girls seeking a serious relationship.

But this means, there are plenty of opportunities for you, if you are seriously interested in getting better results.

1. Photo

We all first of all choose profiles we want to read, by looking at pictures. Women, too, are not checking every guy’s profile, but only the ones whose photos they found appealing in the gallery of search results.

  • Bright and colourful photos attract significantly more clicks than dark and gloomy ones.
  • Beautiful women have a distinct preference for photos of men in nice jackets and shirts. (Find out why girls love men in suits.)
  • A friendly and open smile instantly makes you more attractive.

More advice: 10 tips for a successful dating profile photo

2. Text

Once a woman clicked on your photo, she wants to find out all the information about you quickly. If some fields in your profile are incomplete, she may not have a desire to find out the details, but simply decide you are trying to hide something, and move on.

Most guys would prefer a lady to make the first contact, as they are unsure, what kind of woman they are able to attract. But for a woman to write to you, all things in your profile need to be perfect and answer her concerns correctly.

4 things Russian, Ukrainian women seeking marriage want to know

  1. Do you want to get married FOR REAL—or just playing online to pass time? She is not here to play games; she wants a husband.
  2. Can you provide for a family? It means, if she falls pregnant with your baby, will you be able to feed your family?
  3. Do you want kids? Whether you wish to have children or not, it’s important to spell it out. (There are women who don’t want kids, too, although most Russian, Ukrainian girls want to have children in a marriage).
  4. Will you come to visit her—or will you waste her time and never do anything to organize your personal meeting?

Why do you need to answer these 4 questions in your profile?

Lots of guys who start chatting to Ukrainian, Russian girls online, have no idea that these ladies are unable to simply jump on a plane and visit them in America (although Ukrainian women can visit Europe without visas).

But for Americans and Australians, New Zealanders, they need to travel to meet (either in her home country or Thailand, Cyprus, or another holiday resort location that allows easy visa-free access for Russians and Ukrainians). If you do not show that you are aware about that in your listing, she may not feel confident enough to email you.

If you spell out clear answers to 4 questions above in your dating questionnaire, right on top of you “Message”, your chance of getting an EOI from a pretty girl with a cute smile will definitely increase.

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Surely, following all the tips are good for a person who wants to make a date online. If you are one of them you should remember that there are million of profiles like yours. Make it really original and unique for people to date you. Just be truthful with yourself and do not be shy to show your good points.


Indeed, honest answers to the mntioned questions will increase the chances of the “applicant”. In addition, do not “spam” the network with the same kind of dull calls for acquaintance. Be original.
P.S. That girl on the photo is… very intriguing ))


Even though I’m a girl, I suppose these tips will be helpful for me too in revising my online dating profile. Who knows, maybe that will help me to finally meet the man of my life?