ukraine-womenYou may think you know the answer why Ukrainian women want to leave Ukraine, but most likely, you are incorrect. Certainly, there is a conflict in the country that has affected the daily life of people. However, the majority of Ukrainian women that you can meet on Elenas Models site live away from the affected zones.

Why Ukrainian families leave Ukraine

Many families migrated from Ukraine to Russia, where the situation is stable, as well as to some other countries, members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, such as Belarus. In other words, for people who want to leave and move away from the war and crisis, there are many options, and looking for a foreign husband is certainly not the most popular variant.

Why Ukrainian women seek partners abroad

Basically, the motivation of Ukrainian ladies seeking partners abroad hasn’t changed for the last 10-15 years. They want to meet a man who would be a faithful husband, a good father for her children, a provider and a protector, someone she can love and take care of. So, stability is important for Ukrainian girls but not to the point where they would marry anyone, just to get out of the country. The total population of Ukraine is about 50 million people. Only 9 out of 10 women over 30 years of age can find a partner, due to demographic disproportions. This is the major drive of Ukrainian ladies seeking partners abroad. The recent news, certainly, made it more attractive to find stability abroad.

What Ukrainian women are looking for in a partner

Most ladies that you meet on Elenas Models site have a list of partner requirements, which is important to them. Usually an essential criteria is the age of the man. Whilst Ukrainian women prefer more mature husbands, they seldom envision their ideal match as someone significantly older. Normally the age gap women are willing to accept is about 5-10 years.

Other vital criteria include:

  • having a stable job or own business
  • the desire to “create a family” (i.e. get married and have kids)

With the instability in Ukraine, women still want to have a family and children. And certainly, girls want to be attracted to their partners, a requirement that is very easy to satisfy: just be dressed nicely in your photos and have a friendly smile!


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Dear Elena You are absolutely right. I was several times in Ukraine and i can confirm your Statement. Unfortunately the most men who come to Ukraine think, that a 20 years old Girl can be seriously interested in a 60 years old man, just because he has Money. But this is a fairy tale and used by a lot of unserious agencies who Charge a lot for each letter, travels, Meetings, …. The Girls in Ukraine know exactly what they want. And they are very careful to choose a man from abroad. Because for the most girls, it is a… Read more »
Privet Elena, I was a member of a couple of those unethical sites, that are not at all interested in helping their members find their soul mates. Unfortunately, I wasted money, time, and effort there, and in the end, all I had to show for it was frustration and hurt feelings. Fortunately, I recently found your site, and I have discontinued my membership at those other sites – with every cloud is a silver lining. I’ve spent the past 2 days in looking at your site and reading your very interesting articles – I’ve learned a lot! I do have… Read more »
Hi! I have read yours comments I want to you know that why you cannot find yourself soulmate because you looking young 20 Years old girl and of course they not yet ready for start family I want to you know who’s really ready start build family and have child women’s with age 30-45 year old and Elena right today more modern medicine I saw a lot women’s with age 35-40 years old which had gave born child very healthy and healthy kids which they had gave born . My name Alina I ‘m 35 year old I looking man… Read more »
I live in Ukraine since 2012 and I think it is very clear why women want to leave the country: Because there are no (resp. not enough) so called “good men” in the country. Statistic prooves that in certain age-categories there are less than 800 men for 1000 women, so 5 women/4 men, and: out of that 80% men a lot has no good job, no money, no chance to provide a good life for the woman……so: of course money and good life is not the one and only reason for the women to leave the country…..but it´s a part… Read more »

How likely are women there to relocate for a man that lives the the U.S.? You hear all the time on website promising you this and that or to meet women easily. How easy is it to gather the attention of nice gals on your website?


I found a woman from Kharkov. She has a beautiful heart…everything else is subjective. She will soon marry me…and yes, I live in the United States.

Hi A couple of other items of concern: 1) If she has children, be prepared that she will always put her children first (which is how it should be). Be prepared to accept this fact and adapt to the reality. The sooner you can become a part of the children’s lives (especially younger children) the better your relationship with be with the mother. 2) Do not underestimate the “culture” shock your new family will feel upon their arrival. I believe that she should visit you at least once before a commitment is made so that she can see what it… Read more »
Ron Webb

Hi Elena, I have been on another site and like it, but as some of the people have said it is very expensive to write to some of the ladies. I have been on that site since the end of Dec of 2014 and have received over 750 letters, is that standard or is that because a lot of the women want to leave Russia and Ukraine.


Hey Elena,
I was wondering why do Ukranian and Russian women want to find a good husband in the west while
there are als good husbands(kind,gentle,family-oriëntated, have a good job,…) in Ukraine and Russia?
It’s true that there are not enough men however why don’t they look for Chinese husbands because over there there
are too much men.


I think the most important reason why do the Ukranian women want to leave their country is the fact that men there are not that serious and a woman can’t count on them even having a common family. It’s not a question of earning money because a woman should be just a house keeper, but unfortunately men in Ukraine cannot guarantee stability.