how-to-lose-weightNormally, weight-loss issues are attributed to women. Women are not afraid to talk about their struggle to lose weight and slim down, and rarely a day passes without a slimming topic in the media. How to get in shape fast is a question on which billion-dollar weight loss industry is built upon.

Well, guys, even though Russian and Ukrainian women are less fussy about the looks (the saying there is, “a man should be just slightly more attractive than a monkey“), they still prefer men who are not overweight. Very few ladies actually include this requirement in their profiles, but if you wonder why your response rate is not as high as you would like, this may be the reason.

Why would you bother losing weight?

how-to-lose-weight-4First of all, having a large belly affects your performance in bed. It’s not very pleasing for women to have something separating your bodies and impinging on the depth of your intimate contact. It will also help you to feel more energized if you have no belly. Carrying it around takes energy.

Even if you are not concerned about looks and being attractive to women, think about your sexual performance, and maybe this would be a good incentive to get in shape. I remember how guys used to say, “slim girls need more in bed”, justifying their selections — well, gentlemen, women also prefer someone who has a nice body. You don’t have to be athletic (it won’t hurt but not compulsory) but being of normal weight for your height and body type definitely is more attractive to women than being overweight.

My personal experience with weight loss

how-to-lose-weight-2My hubby and I just have returned from a vacation in a tropical paradise (which I begged him to have for months), where we mostly were eating chips and plenty of seafood, drinking fresh coconut milk cocktails, and laying by the pool. After a week of this, the scales showed +4 kg (8.8 pounds) over our normal weights for both of us. For me it means I don’t fit into my jeans and dresses.

So, we started walking every day for 45 minutes and cut down on the alcohol, fatty foods, bread, potatoes, sweets, and chips. Then added a bit of jogging to the walks. After 5 days, he was back to normal.

Not me. I was still 2 kg (4.4 lbs) over. After another 4 days of less food and more exercise, nothing — no change. I decided to stop eating anything expect vegetables and fruit, and drinking juices, tea, and coffee.

Straight away there was a change, and now, after only 3 days of this “strictly vegan” eating, I only have 400 grams (about 1 pound) to go before I am back to my regular weight.

Weight gain and loss — how to get in shape fast

how-to-lose-weight-1It happened to me previously that after Christmas I put on weight and struggled to lose it. The only thing that works for me is cutting down on food intake, totally removing any carbs and fats, and eating only proteins and vegetables.

First days it’s always a challenge, and I do need to be busy to handle cravings. Instead of meals, I simply eat tomatoes, cucumbers (uncut — just like you would eat an apple), celery sticks, carrots, asparagus, etc. It also helps drinking lots of green tea with lemon, which I love. If I really need to push it, I don’t eat any proteins for 3-5 days.

Physical activity helps greatly but if you haven’t been doing anything, better don’t jump head in, or you will be very sore and probably won’t be able to move. A simple 15-30 minute walk is fine for the first couple of days, if this doesn’t cause too much body trouble, increase the length and speed. The goal is getting in a better shape, not competing in the next Olympics. To facilitate a fast change, you only have to do more than you usually do, and then keep increasing it little by little.

how-to-lose-weight-5My weight fluctuates through the day, but I consider the true weight is the one being measured early in the morning as soon as I get up. My height is 164 cm (5’4″) and I like being 54 kg (119 lbs). I was 49 kg (107 lbs) when I graduated from the high school, but there is no way I can ever get back to that weight. But I am determined to keep my current weight for as long as I can.

Because I have done the same thing losing weight quite a few times in my life, I know exactly what works: I have to eat less, and completely remove certain foods.

This means:

  • No chocolate
  • No pasta or bread
  • No cheese
  • No chips
  • No cookies

Ice cream is absolutely the worst food that makes you gain 500 grams (1.1 lbs) after eating just a 200 gram (0.44 lbs) popsicle.

Physical activity

how-to-lose-weight-6For some reason, people think they have to sign up for gym to exercise. It’s totally unnecessary!

Push ups, sit ups, lunges, and squats can be done basically anywhere, and give you an excellent muscle tonus, is you do it 3 times a week for 15-25 minutes. Weights are great and dumbbells are cheap. Walking and jogging is free. Swimming is a great exercise as well.

After increasing my physical activity I actually feel much more energetic and not that tired by the end of the day, even though I work just as much.

Your weight is not just about you

how-to-lose-weight-3I want to live long and happy with my family and see my kids grow up and have their own children. I want to be energetic enough to play with my grandkids, when the time comes. This is why I am trying to maintain my goal weight, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

Don’t get me wrong: I do enjoy eating and great food.

But I also realize that I can go without eating for a few days, to get where I want to be, so that my life, hopefully, lasts into my 90th, as my grandmother’s, who lived up to 92 and stayed physically active until just a few months before she passed away.

There is more fun in life than food. Intimacy, seeing your kids grow, doing things. It’s worth it.


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“My weight fluctuates through the day, but I consider the true weight is the one being measured early in the morning as soon as I get up. ” You can do it also in the evening before dinner. what is important is that you do it on an empty stomach and bladder and incase of digital scales that use the electrical resistance, that you do not do it after a shower or a physical activity that has made you sweat. “I have to eat less, and completely remove certain foods. This means: No chocolate No pasta or bread No cheese… Read more »
Unfortunately my weight also fluctuates. I’ve always been very physically active in sports and in my work. Unfortunately I suffered a work related chemical exposure to my lungs 6 months ago. It’s left me with chronic obstructive pulmonary issues which has effectively put a stop to my regular physical activities, combined with prednisone to help with pulmonary swelling, I’ve gained 20 pounds during these last 6 months. Since my injury even modest physical exertion leaves me short of breath. I’ve tried a low fat high vegetable content diet but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m thinking I may try… Read more »
I am fairly new to this online dating scene and if a beautiful woman takes care of her figure why wouldn’t we as men want to get in shape for her. Just as Tom stated, one day we may not be able to keep doing the same exercise technics and then it might be to late to try and lose weight. Not that you still can’t lose the weigh just might be a little more difficult. I myself have just started dieting (just making better food choices) and walking. I have a certain weight which is not my high school… Read more »
This is a lifestyle issue – A diet fad will not help in the long run. The primary reason that people are out of shape is that they eat highly refined and engineered foods that do not make them feel full but are packed full of empty calories and carbs. The engineered foods are very cheap to make, have a very long shelf life, have a nice texture, and taste good. People are not made to eat high quantities of engineered foods. Obesity, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, cirrhosis, and diabetes are caused by high consumption of refined carbohydrates. High… Read more »

Как и везде, главное правильное питание.

While your elimination diet works for you as temporary measure, you must have a milk sensitivity if you have such fluid retention. Upon eating an ice cream dish. Paul’s response above is correct on many of the things to avoid. However, people who cannot lose weight need to change fats as in macadamia nut oil and coconut oil. Some people with inflamed bowels wil actually see temporary weight gain when they start coconut oil as it soothes the bowel and increases nutrient uptake but as long as you eliminate carbs and sugars then your desire for food will subside as… Read more »

Ask yourself 2 questions:

1) write down a list of “all the skinny people you know

2) circle ALL the names of the people on your list who “have to watch their carbs, and cheezes, booze and all this BS about what they eat”

3) take a look and see – do you have any circles in front of you?……..nope didn’t think so……

The defence rests, Your Honor –

message? The problem does not “exist out side the body” – and the “solution is outside the body”

want to know more? just ask


Charles Mitchell

I think looking after yourself should be part of a lifestyle not a one off to try and rectify many years of over eating and no physical activity. You can tell a lot about a person who neglects there most important asset……. if they cannot look after there body then it will eventually catch up with them and lead to poor quality in later life. Small steps now like a walk, a smaller plate of food, taking up a new activity can do wonders for both physical and mental health…. and of course make us guys more attractive to women!

Hello. My own personal outlook on working out is simple. I work out so I can eat what ever I want. I hate working out. It is not some thing I enjoy. The fact that it does help to maintain your figure to be more appealing to women does not escape my thought process. But, I have always worked out for my own benefit. If you meet some one, start a relationship, and discuss your outlooks on staying in shape. I believe there could be a benefit from that conversation. If your goals are the same then you can work… Read more »
I have always been in good shape and for the most part I eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. I don’t particularly pay attention to eating more in the mornings or staying away from particular foods, but I have just always believed in moderation. I am 48 years old now and I weigh exactly the same as when I graduated from high school at 18 years old. I tell people that exercise is not the answer to weight loss. I tell them to just take a look around at those attending their local fitness center and you… Read more »
Michalis Gratsias

I believe that exercise and a healthy lifestyle are a vital part of a successful, satisfactory and long-term relationship. I exercise often and will continue to do so as long as possible. i would expect the same from my partner, because if she pays attention in her fitness it means that she is interested in the quality and the longevity of the relationship too.
Usually women and men tend to look worse and worse as they age – they can stall this by using an exercise regimen that will keep them in shape, healthy and full of energy!


There are thousands of different diets. All surroundings flash with various advices about trainings, massages, detoxes, and so on so forth… But in the majority of cases things are right where they started. So what mistakes wait for us in our fight for slimness? First of all, it is lack of goal and motivation. Then, lack of sleep and unstable day regimen. But the most vital thing is naivety and blind faith in miracles (tablets for weight loss and so on). Believe, work and enjoy your life!


It ia rather important for me, how my man looks. Of course, he mustn’t have ideal facial features and look like an american actor. But he has to be in a good shape, I want to say. I think, it would be useful to read recommendations above for the majority of men. Of course, it is difficult to refuse from all tasty, but so unhealthy food. It is difficult to make yourself do physical exersises. But I’m sure, that not only women must worry about their bodies!