Want To Meet a True Companion? It's a Sex RobotNo kidding — the website under the name TrueCompanion.com is the home of the world’s first sex robot, Roxxxy, which designers are intending to sell for about US$7,000.

Last month we wrote about experts predicting that in 50 years we might be able to have sex with robots.

Now it seems that the future is already here.

Douglas Hines (pictured), the human behind the world’s first “True Companion”, unveiled the prototype in 2010, promising that the future robot will be able to carry on simple conversations.

According to the company’s site, Roxxxy will be aware of the owner’s name, likes, and dislikes.

The company is based in New Jersey, USA.

In addition to carrying on discussion and expressing “her love to you”, Roxxxy will be also offering the warmth of being “your loving friend”. (Still no kidding.)

But wait, that’s not all.

You will also get… No, not Ginsu knives. That’s a rarity today.

The wonderful Roxxxy “can even have an orgasm!” (Not our claim. It’s a real quote from the site.)

The actual female sex robot is supposed to be much more advanced than the prototype of 2010.


“Always turned on and ready to talk or play!” — Uncomplicated relationships are available at the cost of $7,000 a robot. (Quote from TrueCompanion.com.)

Talk seems to be quite a trend today. Imagine that… talking to a robot. So much more advanced than talking to a PPL substitute. (That’s would be so 2014.)

But wait, that’s still not all!

The company is also releasing a male sex robot soon.

His name is Rocky.

(Is there a need for that? Really? We thought any girl can get sex any time she wants it. But maybe they are selling the talk. This would make sense.)

Truecompanion.com offers sex robots.

TrueCompanion.com — Your home for uncomplicated relationships with robots.

Basically, anyone seeking to get uncomplicated sex or “for sale” friendship can simply sign up for the True Companion newsletter (it will let you know of the developments and release dates, and also may offer discounts, the website states), and you no longer need to:

Yes, the price of $7,000 may seem a bit steep, but definitely it will last a while. There is no need for food or life insurance, or clothing. It’s a lot of advantages compared to a real human.

The only downside is that robot ethicists started a campaign to ban sex machines for humans, reported BBC. The leader of the movement Dr Kathleen Richardson from De Montfort University in Leicester believes it’s undesirable and unnecessary, and considers the trend “disturbing”.

What do you think about this idea? Submit your comments below.


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Tad Perry
Tad Perry

“We thought any girl can get sex any time she wants it. But maybe they are selling the talk. This would make sense.”
Elena, you can be so funny sometimes. )))
How many times have I been the guy that provides the emotional connection for a female friend in a relationship with man who doesn’t seem to know how to have an emotionally fulfilling conversation with her?
Too many times!!!


I’m not interested until she learns to cook. 😉


that don’t sound good to me ,she want be able to cook or clean house so thinks ill pass that 1 up


Sadly, I think that is about the level of emotional involvement that a lot of guys are ready for! I can see the birth rate of the Western world dropping sharply when these things hit the market!


I believe this is great to have an artificial friend. Who knows what the future can bring. Later, a new model can cook, do laundry and vacuum, besides having fun in bed. Perhaps too can do dangerious jobs for law inforcement and fire rescue that we humans cannot do, since they do not breath smoke. But maybe they do, if you have one at home that can react like a smoke alarm. However, I built one, but nothing like Roxxxy. That she rides well on a motorcycle. Can’t tell if she’s real or not. Mannequin, yes and she does have… Read more »