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Work as a translator in a marriage agency. Fraud in online dating. Most clients who come to Elenasmodels.com have a negative experience of being scammed by PPL (pay per letter) pseudo-dating sites, presenting predominantly women from Ukraine. The reason is that Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan have very tight structures and people are terrified of doing something illegal online, while Ukraine is in chaos politically and economically and such fraudulent setups mushroomed, while genuine companies struggle to make money. With average Ukrainian wages lingering around $275/month, crooks can offer a monthly salary of $500 and have a queue of hopefuls wanting to make quick bucks.

We had previously published a story of an 18-year-old Ukrainian girl who worked as a “bride” for a marriage agency.

Here is another first-hand account of a young Ukrainian woman who was writing letters under identities of pretty girls and eventually her own, just to earn money for herself through electronic promises of love and affection. (The original version of this story in Russian is published here.)

Working as a “translator” for a marriage agency

Author: Kira W.*

After graduating from a college I planned to continue my studies at a university via distance learning and find a decent job. The difficulty was that all employers wanted someone with a university degree and some experience, and I had none of those. I looked through hundreds of vacancies daily and sent my CV, but nearly without any success. Most often I had no answers and if I managed to score an interview, they promised to “think about it”.

I was close to desperation when I came across an very interesting vacancy — a translator for a marriage agency to work remotely. I thought, why not?

Although my English was only intermediate, but if there was a need, there is a dictionary or an online translator. Besides, the vacancy looked very attractive — the job was to translate letters, they promised to pay $500 monthly, didn’t require any experience, would provide training, and I was only required to work not less than 4 hours daily.

Work ad for a translator in a marriage agency in Ukraine.

Vacancies for people without any work experience are rare, but marriage agencies promise training and happy to take people without any skills, who want to earn a lot of money. (Link to the original ad on Work.ua here.) Translation: translate.google.com.

I got lucky!

I sent my CV and literally the same day got an answer to my email. I was asked to fill in a questionnaire and provide a phone number. They called straight away, and my mentor Eva explained me the essence of the job.

I thought that I would be “attached” to girls-brides, who needed to have letters translated, but I was wrong.

My job was to communicate under profiles of other girls as if I were them. The more answers I would get from foreigners, the higher my earnings would be. For 1 incoming letter I was promised 25 cents.

The necessary condition was to never give any contact information, or the profile would be blocked and I would be fired. I was not required to meet anyone in person.

Eva also told me that I could write about anything, most important was to make the person interested, provoke him to answer to my letter. I was advised to pick “grooms” over 40 because they have serious intentions and have the money, so it was possible to “stimulate” him to send gifts.

Ads like this are abound on Ukrainian recruitment portals. Marriage agencies openly advertise, offering 50% of income to translators-impersonators.

Vacancy for a translator in a marriage agency in Kiev, Ukraine, offering 50% of earnings for impersonating girls on international dating sites. (See the original ad in Russian here.) Translation: translate.google.com. Hundreds of similar vacancies are advertised at any time online promising high wages to potential employees.

My working day

My working day started at 11 am. I was given logins to 5 profiles of different girls on the site. I had to send letters. I was sure that I would have at least 50 responses (10 from each profile), which would give me nearly $13. It would be great! I spent over 4 hours sending letters, about 150-200 from each account, but I only got 1 response!

My bright hopes were shuttered. But my mentor was trying to calm me down, saying that I would definitely get responses.

In the afternoon I logged in to the site again. There were 7 answers on all 5 profiles. It was not much, but I started communicating.

I got different types of guys. Most of them wanted to move to email or Skype, and away from communicating on the site. I could make conclusions that they were stingy people. Eva told me that I should not spend time on such men. But there were also some totally inadequate guys demanding intimate photos.

I was getting about 10 letters a day and some days I was getting none. It took time to create some original messages that would “captivate” the reader from the first lines, send such letters from all “my” profiles, and several times a day check for answers. It was taking a lot of time and the income was small.

The job of a translator for a marriage agency in Ukraine consists of sending letters for money.

Translators are required to send letters to men under the identity of a “bride”. They are only getting paid if a man answers.

Serious money

I decided to look for a new job but keep this work as a part-time income. I was logging in late in the afternoon to check for answers and respond, if I had some.

After about a couple of months I found another job, but I was apprehensive to dump the work for the marriage agency.

In the meantime, Eva suggested to me to register myself as a “bride”. For a long time I was feeling uneasy about it, because I would have to provide scans of my documents, but eventually I agreed.

From the first mailing out of my own profile I got an answer from quite a nice guy, Robert from Canada. He got really interested in me, especially he was charmed by my eyes, as he was writing.

We started corresponding and he was the first guy who transferred money for a gift for me. Robert knew in advance that I would get the cash and be able to buy whatever I wanted (of course, I didn’t get the whole amount but only 40%). He transferred $1,000 and I got $400. I didn’t ask him, he decided to cheer me up this way himself, especially because I was telling him that I always struggled with money, that I was a student, working 3 jobs and studying at nights. I lied, but it was worth it.

We communicated for over a month. I earned a lot of money on this foreigner, over $1,500. It was good, especially that it was just a part-time job for me and initially they only promised $500 a month. The only thing that I was afraid was that Robert would ask for a meeting.

Of course, I wasn’t going to meet anyone and I was scared, feeling that I might be doing something illegal. Really, if the foreigner knew that there were no marriage agency at all and he was just duped for money, he could simply file a case at a court. I would probably have no problems, but I was feeling uneasy about it.

Reason over money

With time, I started to feel so sorry for that guy. His wife died in a car crash. 7 years after that he decided to look for a new wife (he didn’t disclose whether he had been dating during this time). Maybe he made up the story about the deceased wife, to make girls feel sorry for him, but he was writing so sincerely, and he also believed in my “mutual” feelings. Most likely, a little bit more time and he would definitely asked me to meet.

Of course, I could do it, but I even didn’t know if I would be allowed to do it, and he wasn’t the man of my dreams at all, so, a meeting was clearly not needed. And if he really fell in love, I didn’t want to break his heart.

My last message to him was: “Sorry, but I had gotten carried away, there are many girls like me”.

And even though I lost my income, because he would be definitely writing to me, but I gave him an understanding that he was wasting his time and he was unlikely to find the love of his life this way.

I still was logging to the site under profiles of other girls, as before, sending letters, getting answers, and flirting with various men.

But after a while I lost interest and some days I was getting no letters at all. So, I slowly had given up on this job.

Marriage agencies with impersonators destroy men’s chances to find love

As I found out later, today there are plenitude of marriage agencies around. There are fraudsters like the company where I worked, and there are real agencies where substitutes are communicating, but real girls come to meetings, the ones from the photos in the profile.

At the present time it’s a real business that brings high profits. One needs to present herself well, make a man interested, spend enough time doing the job, and then it’s possible to earn good money. But most importantly, one needs to look trustworthy, so foreigners generously send gifts.

*Name changed to protect identity.

Shocking revelations by agents shatter trust in PPL dating. Read also:

Are you shocked at how brazen are the fraudsters?

“Real agencies”, in their books, are the ones where impersonators correspond under the name of girls from photos, who attend dates if necessary, and “fraudulent” ones are the companies that simply make money on mails and chats, without any chance that someone will ever come to a date.

Both types of fraudsters, “real” and “unreal”, are connected as providers of content to 2-3 large “Master” PPL sites each. Agents themselves admit it’s impossible to earn money on genuine women who want to find a partner, by having them communicate for themselves under their own identity. On real women, agents are unable to even get back the money they spent on the video recording and professional photo session, compulsory for a listing on any PPL site.

There is nothing real about PPL

You could just as well simply travel to Ukraine and try to chat up girls in the streets; you would actually have more success. There is no need for you to pay for correspondence ever. No need to send gifts, unless you are doing it through a company not affiliated with any dating or “marriage” agency, but directly by a legitimate flower delivery company or UPS.

Gifts are the simplest way for master PPL sites, agents and “brides” to earn money. As the girl who wrote the story above explains, she was getting 40% cash value of the gift the man paid for. They are splitting the money 50-50 with the agent from what the agency receives in their account; the other 20% goes to the main “Master” PPL site (the one where you make the purchase). It’s just a straightforward money grab. The photos of the “gift delivery” are made at a store, the gift is never purchased, as another online “bride” explained in her account.

These are not rare cases; it’s the system

By now it’s a totally set system that works like a clock.

There are only 2 types of people who write to you through PPL sites:

  1. Impersonators from profiles of pretty women, whose goal is to earn money on communication. (The goal of pretty women who allow their photos to be used is to earn 40% on gifts that men send.)
  2. Women themselves, who only write to you to earn money, from gifts as well as letters.

If you are happy to communicate with either of the 2 types above, keep paying for communication. If you are not, there are no other types of people you can be chatting or emailing to through PPL sites.

The only way you can be talking to someone who is interested in you, and not earning money on your mails and chats, is when you are not paying for chats and mails.

Stop breeding more scammers by paying for letters and chats. If all men stopped paying for someone to tell them what they want to hear, the fake marriage agencies would cease to exist.

Elenasmodels.com difference

Elenasmodels.com doesn’t charge for mails and chats.

You are encouraged to share your contact information with women and move to any other communication platform (direct email, social networks, Skype, phone, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.).

We don’t pay any agents to list profiles on our site. You can write as much as you wish to all women you are talking to at no extra charge. They are not getting paid to talk to you, there is no way to hire impersonators, because you are not paying for communication.

Join today to experience Elena’s Models difference. It will be a breath of fresh air.

Warning to PPL operators and employees

If you are an operator or an employee of a PPL marriage agency, you can be prosecuted for fraud by an organized group of people under the article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“Fraud by an organized group of people”), which is punishable by a jail term from 5 to 12 years with confiscation of property and proceeds of crime. You are correct to feel uneasy about this shady business, and you should get out of this system and your best way of action is reporting this scam to authorities to get immunity.

If you recognized you had been a victim of fraud through PPL sites

You may most of all wish to forget about your ordeal, and this is understandable. Just realize that because you choose to be silent and do not complain to authorities, the fraudsters are free to continue running these scams and defraud more victims in the future, who, just like you, will be shuttered emotionally and taken advantage of financially. If you want to know what you can do, follow this link.

There are also plenty of websites making money on promoting sites that use PPL schemes. Certain adverting services and industry associations still feel comfortable promoting these multi-layered schemes riddled with scams, unashamed of the damage they cause. They know the truth but prefer to believe organizers of these schemes because they buy ads and pay commissions on leads. These sites are going to say, “We didn’t know” when the truth comes out loud and clear through major media investigations, but they cannot claim being innocent.

Just like everyone is now running for the hills in Harvey Weinstein’s case, trying to claim they “didn’t know”, they do know. And if they had any grain of decency, they would check it properly and promptly withdraw support of organizers of these scam-riddled schemes that rip people off financially and emotionally, while exploiting vulnerable job-seekers in Ukraine and corrupting young souls. It will be too late to claim later they didn’t know, when the information has been widely available for more than a decade (!) on the essence of these scams.

These scams mushroomed in Ukraine and keep growing, involving more and more people into their corrupt criminal whirlpool. It’s only a matter of time until it blows up and everyone associated will be running for cover.

Take a responsible action now to stop it.

Invitation to any legitimate media outlet or government agency

Elenasmodels.com is happy to provide access to our database, admin panel and computer code to show how our business operates. We had been posting this invitation for over 2 years and so far no one took the opportunity.

We repeat it again: We will happily present for your audit the computer code and the back systems of our site, because we operate a transparent and open system with no hidden from the users commission schemes and payouts—unlike PPL sites that are hiding from the users how they really work.

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Are there any PPL agencies/websites with Ukrainian women which are legitimate? Wherein PPL is just the business model they choose to use to make adequate money, and, the women are legitimate and sincere in their intent to find a husband through the agency/website? And then of course it’s up to the guy to communicate relevantly/efficiently to weed out insincerity, and to see her on Skype sooner than later, and then to visit her sooner than later, and to probably also meet two other women on the same trip who he went through the same communication process with concurrently, and mentioning… Read more »


Bond, Every person in PPL networks, from top to bottom (see the scheme with layers here), KNOWS what is going on. Every participant. There are no partycipants who are “unaware” that men are simply scammed for money, no participant who doesn’t directly and willingly benefits from ripoffs. — Every “bride” shares money that men pay for gifts. Often they also get 10% of profile’s profits from earnings on mails, chats. — Every “translator” fakes correspondence knowingly, just to fill their own pockets. — Every “agent” hires “brides” and “translators”, as well as “scouts” to recruit new workers into the scamming… Read more »


I posted a response to Bond as I thought his comment was void of reality. Maybe I was a bit tough? . How can you make reason on the simple facts that are so available to read on google how the system works and why those working on PPL.

I can now see why PPL still exisits


PPL is quite good at convincing people as if there were some “good” PPL sites and some “bad” PPL sites. In fact, all PPL sites are schemes to extract money with paid “translators” (impersonators) to fake communication for money. That’s the essence of PPL. All of them have impersonators who are paid per message a share of what you pay to the Master site, and do it through the layer of “agents”.

Anyone who wants to understand PPL needs to read this article in a whole to get the picture.


Hi Bond, Seriously your unusable question and reasoning seem to ignore the simplicity of the fundamental reason of PPL business. To be fair a huge majority of us have been taken for some money by these websites. It is clear they are not dating sites or relationship sites. They are simply businesses with a communication system to earn money for the owners and employees. Why are you trying to reason it’s possible to make a relationship formed from a lie and premeditated fraud?. Why do you think that these workers on these sites have any interest in a relationship or… Read more »


Elena- this is a stich up, reading “Bonds” stupid question and rationale clearly this is a fake comment from those scumbag PPL operators. Seriously what western person uses the term “adequate” referencing money unless it’s a translation? Also I point to his (or her) references “communicate relevantly/efficiently ‘and “not about promiscuity”. These all smell like a well translated wording from Ukrainian. Seriously this is a laughable fake “Bond”. The proposition trying to ask a question is to convince readers that a woman earning a little bit of money from you and many other men is ok and all you need… Read more »


I also thought so 😉
But my response is still valid.