How much PPL chat operators earn? Here is something you may not hear every day: PPL agent explaining in details how much chat operators earn by impersonating pretty girls on dating sites.

Global Services aka Greek Passion opens up about earnings of chat operators on PPL dating sites

When I was checking ads on for a recent post about PPL sites, one job offer attracted my attention. There was a link in the ad offering to find out more about the job.

I checked the advertiser’s profile on and it stated to be “the official and exclusive partner in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, of the most famous online dating web-site [URL]”. The vacancy was for a translator of English for a “marriage site”. It was still active at the moment of publication of this article on 11 August 2017.

(To view screenshots in the article, click on the image to enlarge.)

Global Services LTD, vacancy seeking an English translator for a marriage site on

Global Services LTD

You may be aware that PPL dating sites insist that their operations are kosher and bona fide. Well, Global Services also say the same on their home page (

“Our company fully collaborates with the largest online dating sites with payment in the world. Because the term dating is misunderstood, we ensure you that there is nothing peculiar about this service nor is it clever or inappropriate.

“It is a form of communication via internet that aims to bring people together in the form of acquaintance, friendship or marriage. For this purpose we have posted profiles of various ladies (we do not feature male profiles, men instead use the site directly by purchasing credits in order to consume its services).”

So, the term “dating” is “misunderstood”? I thought it was quite clear what it involved. But in the view of Global Services, apparently, “dating” means something entirely different.

They seem to have some unusual definitions of many things. You may be, for instance, curios to discover what “genuine” means, according to Global Services.

Every female profile featured on the site comes with a registration video, meaning that it is genuine and therefore legally ensured.”

So, because there is a video in the profile, it is all “legal”— in the sense how PPL sites understand it, of course.

Global Services keep explaining:

“We then debit these profiles to the operators in question and through online work they undertake the task of communicating with the male clients via a live chat and with electronic correspondence. All this is conducted via the site.”

Still not 100% sure that they are openly saying that hired operators are chatting and emailing men under identities of “genuine” female profiles? Yes, they actually do. Click on the button “How it works” on the top.

Services: chatting and correspondence via from the site. You undertake a profile for 2-3 days and during the week you are given a second profile as well. We can give up to 4 profiles if you have an appetite for work and more economic rewards.”

In other words, one chat operator/letter writer chats and corresponds under identities of 1-4 “genuine” females listed on “the largest online dating sites with payment”.

Schedule of work: The work operator works daily, or a total of 5,5 days at minimum (meaning 11 4-hour shifts). This equals an 8-hour workday (because each shift consists of roughly 4 hours). We work on the weekends, holidays, and basically year round, with no exception, and usually days off are given during the week. Hence, the bulk of work is conducted while North Americans are not working. North America has s 6 to 10 hour difference with Greece, depending of course on the geographic location of each state/province, there is a higher traffic flow of work between the hours of 06:00-10:00 am and between 19:00-23:00 (and later). This specific schedule is obligatory in the first period of working with us.”

So, the biggest paying market of this venture is Northern America, which means USA and Canada. Now we know. Let’s keep reading.

The most exciting part of this explanation is Payments.

“Based on the generated results of the majority of recorded payments in our system (from most of the profiles consisted of chat and correspondence), payments have fluctuated between 650-1450 Euros based on the statistics that we have after 2-months of work. The system records and exhibits the money that is generated and credited to each operator. Of the total sum, 20% is retained for taxes and expenses, and the remaining 80% is shared equally between the management and the operator.

Hence the operator it receives 40% of the total amount generated during her month of work.

Indicatively, we will demonstrate how this operates by showcasing the money generated by two operators in the month of September 2015 (with respect to personal data, we will only use the first names of each operator and not their surnames)”

Now we know that this scheme of hired typists had been operating in 2015 and is still active. The earnings from the profiles are shared between the manager and the “operator” of profiles, where the operator receives 40%.

Further we are given an example of earnings in tables (unfortunately, the images are rather blurry).

“The operator Anna received 40% of a total of $985,50 for correspondence, and 40% of a total of $1551,96 for chat, respectfully, (or $985,50 + $1551,96 x 40% = $1014,984).”

Operator Anna

“The operator Tina received 40% of a total of $ 1375,50$ correspondence and 40% of a total of $2280,60 for chat respectfully, (or $1375,50 + $2280,60 x 40% = $1462,44.”

Operator Tina

Does it sound attractive to you? The helpful employer gives some advice to hopefuls.

“If you have a real appetite for work and are an individual that likes to communicate with a broad spectrum of people from various cultures, there are very good prospects for you at our company with this collaboration.

“The first days require particular patience and persistence. All of your training is conducted via the internet, via skype. During training, the trainee begins generating an income as a temporary operator and in about a week the first results begin appearing.

Would you like to give it a go? Here is how:

“If you are interested in working with us, you can contact us by phone at +30 231 213 33 17 or +30 212 213 37 69, or on skype (Support Global Services) for more information.”

Global Services home page screenshot.

How it works. Screenshot.

How it works. Screenshot.

How it works. Screenshot.

payments to PPL operators.

Curioser and curioser

Click on the Facebook link featured on the bottom of the home page of Global Services, and you are told that the actual website of this company is

There are also links to job ads on Linkedin, which again reiterate partnership with a famous PPL site.

Here is a little bit more:

“Global Sercives (sic) οperates in the dating industry. We colabration (sic) with chat operators from around the world, to provide 100% reliable and trustworthy dating services. Our chatting profiles are among the most popular in the dating industry for their liability. Currently we are hiring full time operators! Feel free to discover more about our current job offer and apply today at [email protected]

This is another recent ad from the same page:

Global Services – Online Dating Do you have the skills to be part of our great team! Check out our requirements and feel free to contact us at [email protected] | Are you looking for a full-time job from home? | Do you speak english (proficiency or native level)? | Do you have a computer of latest technology and good internet connection? | Do you have communication skills? || If your answer is YES to all these questions, then be sure that you can have a great income, from the comfort of your house.

Global Services Facebook screenshot.

Global Services Linked In page, ads to hire chat operators.

What is Greek Passion?

Time to check the website, which seems to be the main business centre.

Surprise! It states to be a model agency that offers portfolios to good-looking girls. They are rather vague in what they do, but offer girls who want to become models to join and get a “portfolio photos” taken.

There is also something to get prospective models excited. For example, photos from GumBall2014, an event where “stunning Irina” gets apparently car keys and then poses in front and inside a vehicle, with a number plate stating (surprise, surprise) the name of the same famous PPL site. 

Greek Passion screenshot.

Screenshot: Greek Passion report on GumBall 2014 (click to enlarge).

The text states that this “project” is “still open” and invites to “discover more and participate”.

But if you are a young lady dreaming of a modelling career, be aware, the Terms of Use state explicitly:

“Registered users and those who provide their personal information on website consent to give their personal information for the personal use of the company.”

I am not sure what it means and will leave guesses to you. I am also unsure how it complies with “provisions of the Bulgarian and European Law and international agreements and treaties”, mentioned on the same page.

At least we know that since the website’s business address is listed in Bulgaria, it should be abiding by European laws, and if I remember correctly, it was in Europe that owners of a dating site were recently arrested for fake profiles.


Greek passion terms of use, screenshot. Greek Passion "Our team" screenshot. home page screenshot.

The questions that I still have…

  1. If it’s indeed fully legal, to use chat operators to impersonate 1-4 pretty girls in profiles on PPL dating sites, then why men, who are paying for these chats/emails, are not made clearly aware of the actual scheme?
  2. Should not PPL sites be obliged by law to include information on their scheme and the fact that the person writing letters and messages is being paid, openly and clearly, before a customer made his first purchase? (And not just in small print in “Terms of Use” but in big bold letters size 18, black on white, in the top section of every page of the website, similar to the requirements for phone sex services charging per minute that advertise in your local classifieds.)
  3. Should “operators” of a dating profile be obliged by law to disclose to a customer in the first message they are NOT the girl from photos and the fact that they are paid commissions that depend on the amount of content you read and send? For instance: “Hi, I am [Zina] and I will be entertaining you pretending to be [Tanya] from photos. Also, the more you spend on reading my chats and letters and writing back to me, the more I earn. Are you okay with that?”

What do you reckon?Fraud on ppl sites, pay per letter dating scam.

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It would seem from the article that these companies are almost challenging anyone including government bodies that monitor unfair marketing practices or misleading, baiting practices. As there have been no legal cases, I have searched for recently, it appears they clearly promote that they can entice a person to register on these website (PPL) promoting relationships and potential marriage to women. By normal test of a low or common intellect it would easily be assumed the women you would contact is the photographed women. If the only legal stand point they have is that the photos are real and a… Read more »


Personally, I would be VERY surprised if the operators hired to impersonate the models are not given at least a short training session on how to conduct conversations for “best effects”. And I would be just as surprised if they are not told to deny that they are not the person depicted in the profile. So, I would be VERY surprised if it is not only the web site, but also the operators of the site, that are designed/taught to be deliberately deceptive.


On a PPL site, I chatted with one woman who actually revealed to me that she was under contractual constraints to say or not say certain things. After listening to her comments, I asked her if she worked for the mafia because her boss sounded very controlling, domineering, and threatening. She revealed that she would be fined $100 and her profile would be terminated if she violated the terms.


I have used PPL sites. When conversations became “strange”, I explicitly asked the “woman” if she was [name in profile], and/or if she was receiving any kind of money or compensation. Every time, the “woman” explicitly assured me that she was [name in profile], and that she was not being paid. If her answers were false, then this constitutes fraud, regardless of the various explanations and disclaimers shown in this article. Lying for money is illegal (in USA).


Elena, Can you please explain this to me? I have been using a PPL site just for fun….it doesn’t cost me much, just $0.80 per letter…I did meet about 15 Ukrainian women through this site which is why I keep using it. I could have ended my search on this site, I did meet a woman who really liked me but I just didn’t like her….and I met all these women before joining Elena’s models site and reading your PPL articles. Anyway after reading all your PPL articles, now I copy and paste a letter…I say I do not trust… Read more »


Elena, what a great service you are providing here. It would also be a good idea to archive these pages for posterity, there’s a website for that:

This way, even if they try to delete everything, a copy of page will exist forever. It doesn’t save the entire website, so every page we want to save must be individually archived.