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Love and Merry Christmas from Elena's Models team.Merry Christmas from the international team of Elena’s Models!

It is the best season to meet a match, with so many hopes and aspirations peaking up around the calendar mark of the new year.

New Year, new happiness” is the motto of Russian women and Ukrainian girls seeking love online.

What our members dream about?

The biggest and most precious hope of our members is to find love. This would be the best present of all to the ones who dream of a happy family and an exciting relationship that can last a lifetime.

Whether you live in Australia and wear shorts during this time of the year, just like Santa Claus in our featured photo from Surfers Paradise, or enjoy the snow in Canada, it is a special time on the calendar.

Santa in shorts.

We had quite a lot of couples formed over Christmas holidays when it’s easy for men and women on our site to arrange a personal meeting.

Russian women have a massive 10 days off work for 2017-2018 Christmas holidays, which is the perfect time to get together.

Romance doesn’t freeze during the winter holiday break and new couples are going to be created this year. We can’t wait to hear all these new dating success stories!

We wish you to spend the next year Christmas break with your new loving girlfriend whom you met on

Merry Xmas and happy New Year!

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