Russian soccer world cup 2018 controversy about women dating foreigners.

Russian soccer world cup 2018 controversy about women dating foreigners. 2018 FIFA World Cup keeps popping up in newsfeeds although not always for the reasons relating to sports. One trend we see at the moment is the increased interest to dating Russian girls by foreign men. The local politicians and lawmakers also noticed this trend, apparently.

Media frenzy about Russian girls dating foreigners

There were several big events in the past that had their genetic and demographic consequences for Russia, which still used to be a part of the Soviet Union at the time.

  • In 1973 worldwide student Universiade in Moscow had many dark-skinned babies born as the result of international dating. Because people of African descent are not native in Russia, many of these kids had grown up to be performers or other types of celebrities due to their unusual heritage. Some of them are famous rappers who are highly popular in countries of the post USSR.
  • 1980 Olympics in Moscow had the same result, with a new generation of internationally conceived kids. The kids were even called “the children of Olympics”.

2018 World Soccer Cup in Russia is now being discussed in press not only for the reasons of sport, but also because of the dating issues the society finds in local girls’ romances with foreigners who came to support their teams.

Strange enough, there is no talk about local guys dating women from other countries during 2018 FIFA Cup. Is it because soccer fans are predominantly males or foreign girls aren’t interested in guys from the World Cup’s host country?

Is it OK for local girls to date foreign men during the World Cup? Not everyone thinks so

A parliament member Tamara Pletnyova, for instance, voiced her negative opinion about local girls dating foreigners with dark skin. The 70-year-old member of the committee on family affairs stated that Russian women should not have sex with non-white foreign men during the World Cup, as she believes kids could be discriminated against in Russia, Deadspin reported citing Reuters.

Pletnyova, a long-serving member of Duma (since 1993) from the Communist Party, believes that Russian women should “give birth to our children”. In her opinion, being of a different race is a problem in Russia, although the Duma members stated she wasn’t a nationalist. Another issue she sees is the fact that the kids remain with the mother, abandoned by the father, who has no intention to live in Russia.

In the opinion of the lawmaker, it wouldn’t be positive for the country if these ladies left Russia for a foreign land either, thus her advice to local females to refrain from liaisons with non-white males during the World Cup.

“Russian women can sleep with whomever they wish”

However, Russian President’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov responded sharply that the government doesn’t support such views, just hours after the controversial opinions of the Duma member were made public.

Russian women can probably manage their own affairs,” Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson asserted.

“They are the best women in the world,” Peskov added, citing the widespread idea among Russian girls, which they believe is really true.

Yes, the belief, “Russian women are the best in the world” (and all foreign men want to marry them) has deep roots on the highest level, as you can see.

Another Duma member, 36-year-old Mikhail Degtyaryov, member of the Liberal Democratic party, jumped on the hot topic of local women dating foreigners. His attitude is just the opposite to prohibition of international relations.

“The more love stories we have connected to the world championship, the more people from different countries fall in love, the more children are born, the better,” Degtyaryov asserted, according to SBS. He added that Russia welcomed fans of all backgrounds and expressed his hope for lots of love stories originating during the World Cup.

Russian social media, which is driven by the younger generation, went berserk, calling Pletnyova’s views archaic and racist.

Candidly, the ID cards given to visitors of the World Cup in Russia have words “Say no to racism” on them. This is probably a very clear statement in itself. First, it was deemed necessary to make such a statement, which shows that racism in Russia is not dead yet. Secondly, the government’s policy during the World Cup was made very clear to all, no matter which personal beliefs one may hold.

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Is there racism in Russia?

In 1980s there was a lot of racism in Russia and non-white kids and their mothers were indeed treated differently. But times have changed.

I would say, there is not racism in Russia but rather a fear of the unknown. Russian people don’t have a desire to hurt people of a different ethnicity, just because they are different, or treat them in an unfair way.

But Russians in general are apprehensive of foreigners, they see them as having a “different mentality”, the word you will hear often when talking about people from different countries.

Russians are fascinated of foreigners and marrying a man from another country is still seen as prestigious, even today, our recent research shows.

There is a lot of interest to dating foreign men in Russia, and 2018 World FIFA Cup has given this topic another push.

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What about the comment of the female lawmaker about Russian ladies dating foreigners, it’s likely her intentions were not to cause trouble or discriminate. She probably was genuinely concerned about consequences for girls who could be left without a good chance to marry well, which is still promoted as a necessary condition of happiness for a female in Russia.

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Goerge Sengal
Goerge Sengal

WTF ……..Tamara Pletnyova, seriously a government official broadcasting to media that sex with non-whites and children from such outcomes leads to discrimination. What planet is she from, This woman is nothing but a racist bigot. She is also speaking for her people and culture of Russians suggesting they will discriminate against such innocent children.

This is shameful and frankly how come she has not been sanctioned by her government properly when they are hosting to the world and asking every culture to visit and celebrate the world cup.

What a Horrible old irreprehensible woman.

TB or not TB
TB or not TB

Hypocritical snowflake…grow up and get over it. I’m sure you’re the “tolerant” virtue-signalling type who Instead of being classy and intellectual in making a point, immediately resorts to name-calling and censure. You even call a 70 year old woman and member of the Russian Duma a “horrible old irreprehensible woman”, without knowing anything about her. Let me guess, you’re also an advocate of women’s rights and against age discrimination?