Half of Ukrainians consider themselves workaholicsAccording to the recent survey by Ukrainian employment portal Rabota.ua, half of Ukrainians consider themselves workaholics. This seems strange, because international studies show that only 10-15% of people are work addicts. Maybe the reason is that people who answer surveys on a job-seeking website are more active than an average Ukrainian worker?

How many workaholics are in Ukraine?

Job portal Rabota.ua surveyed over 600 people to find out what they think about job addicts.

And that’s what they discovered:

  • 53% of Ukrainian job-seekers consider themselves workaholics.
  • 16% of Ukrainian employees agree that workaholism is a useful quality for a career.
  • 34% of respondents consider workaholism a natural desire to do a good job.
  • Though 30% of people find that such a compulsiveness is linked to inability to lead an interesting and harmonious life.
  • 1/5 of respondents think it is a very exhausting habit.

How many workaholics are in Ukraine?

How many workaholics are in Ukraine?

How many workaholics are in Ukraine?

How many workaholics are in Ukraine?

Generally, workaholism is viewed by Ukrainians in a positive way. 70% of them think it is a useful trait and an example to follow.

Kp.ua authors argue that Ukrainians simply do not understand what being a workaholic means. They probably simply associate it with an excessive amount of time spent at work for any reason.

For example:

  • People simply do not want to go home.
  • Stay to chat in social networks.
  • Want to demonstrate their enthusiasm to the boss by staying late.

But in fact, it is a psychological disorder leading to health problems.

Infographics: Rabota.ua


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I know a lot of workaholics ant most of them like their jobs and so they are enjoying what they are doing. And I want to add that I know general working regime in Ukraine and in Russia. It’s pretty easygoing and it has many holidays and weekends. If to compare it with working time in China and Japan I can say that they are real workaholics.


I should say that I don’t like workaholics and I consider the skill to relax and have pleasant free time to be a wonderful one. I am glad that now I have less work than I had before. Now I have time not only for work but also for my friends and hobbies.


Well, I must say I respect people who can dedicate lots of time and energy to thier work. Sometimes I wish I had some qualities, which workaholics have. But what they really need is to have a good rest sometimes or the consequences can be dangerous (for example nervous breakdowns).


Many of us are forced to be workaholics. For example, at my work, my bosses offered us to work on weekends and evenings, it was paid for, but there was still no desire to work round the clock. I appreciate my time with my family and hobbies. I very much envy those who really love their work and are happy to work without rest, I know these personally. But there are few lucky people. Everyone else hates their job, but they are afraid to look for a new one and continue to spend their whole life on repulsive job.