Viral Video: Russian Cop Caught a Robber by Impersonating an Old GrannyRussian cop impersonated an old granny to catch a robber terrorising local pensioners. The events occurred in the town of Revda, Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation.

Russian Robber Got a Surprise

The local police received several reports about robberies from old female pensioners who were attacked in the streets by a male. The man grabbed their handbags and ran away.

Local cop Denis Safronov decided to catch the robber in action by changing into female clothes and impersonating an old woman. He put on a fake fur coat, scarf, and hood, felt boots, and was walked around stooping and limping.

Russian Robber Got a Surprise

After noticing a male that fit the description following him, the detective took secluded paths to give the robber a chance to attack.

The clothes were borrowed from friends.

The undercover detective had to spend several hours walking around the district were the robberies were reported.

After noticing a male that fit the description following him, the detective took secluded paths to give the robber a chance to attack.

At first the perpetrator was scared by another male suddenly walking into the scene but after a few minutes he caught up with the disguised policeman and attacked him.

This is where he got a surprise: Handcuffs on his wrists.

The brave policeman told reporters that the thug didn’t say a word by simply tried to grab the handbag.

He obviously wasn’t expecting much of a response from an old, limping lady on the icy walkway.

The perpetrator happened to be a known criminal who was formerly prosecuted for theft and robbery. Police found things that belonged to victims at the apartment of the perpetrator.

By the moment of his arrest, the police received complaints from 7 older Russian ladies whom he robbed.

Detective Safronov said the idea of trying to catch the mugger by impersonating a potential victim came from the American movie Police Academy.

He said people in the street were looking at him suspiciously, because of his rather large height. But it didn’t prevent him from catching the attention of the robber, and then catching the robber himself.

Video: Russian Cop Impersonates an Old Granny to Catch a Serial Robber


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Nice! But doesn’t he look a little big for an old granny? He looks more like an oddly dressed man with a limp to me.

Oh wel… the robber would have disagreed with me, I guess… 😛


Never doubted the ability of movies to inspire people. And never expected something like that from a Russian cop! It’s unbelievable. He truly is a brave and caring man. People should take his example. Although he does look strange in the disguise. 😀