Health care in Ukraine.

Health care in Ukraine.Apparently, only 45% of Ukrainians trust doctors and official medical services. The rest of them use alternative therapies, including 41% of people who don’t trust anyone and prefer to self-treat.

Less than half of Ukrainians trust doctors

The findings by the online poll of revealed that the majority of locals (55%) use traditional “folk” therapies. Some of them in combination with doctors’ prescriptions (11%) but the rest prefer to stay away from hospitals.

In total, nearly the same share of people avoid medical professionals (44%) as the percentage of Ukrainians who follow the route of official health care.

Until this year, alternative healers had the ability to get a license in Ukraine to treat patients. Earlier in 2018 the government decided to stop licensing of alternative health treatments, as it’s not possible to check their effectiveness.

Belief in traditional treatments such as herbal remedies is high in countries of the former Soviet Union. Dried herbs are sold in pharmacies and some people collect and process their own plant-based potions. It shows in the poll numbers, as 41% of respondents state they prefer to self-treat instead of using the free health care services in a hospital.

Poll results

Question: Do you trust doctors and official medical services?

  • Yes: 45%
  • I don’t trust anyone. I use methods of alternative healing to treat myself: 41%
  • I use both official doctors and alternative healers: 11%
  • No, I use alternative healers: 3%

Health care views in Ukraine.

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