Sex helps older adults' brain functionScientists insist that intimacy helps people who passed 50 not only to feel better about their lives, but also improves the quality of existence through contributing to cognitive abilities.

Sexually active seniors perform better at cognitive tests

Sex for older adults is associated with improved brain functioning. According to the research by Hayley Wright and associates from the Universities of Coventry and Oxford, older people who engaged in regular love making performed better in brain tests as compared to other seniors who were not sexually active.

In the test tests involving verbal fluency and visualization ability, elderly and over sixties who reported regular love making, surpassed others who weren’t habitually affectionate with significant others.

Mature couple love.

Affectionate sessions with a partner are not just fun, they also help you to stay healthy and slow down the aging process.

The study

According to the researchers, both men and women who participated in standardized tests showed positive results. 73 participants aged 50-83 (28 males and 45 females) contributed to the study. They were asked how often they were having affectionate sessions with a partner and also participated in the standard test used to measure cognitive abilities in older people.

Regarding the frequency of lovemaking sessions, participants with high scores in verbal fluency and visuospatial assessments engaged in sex weekly.

  • For instance, in the examination of verbal fluency they needed to name as many words stating with the letter “F” or remember names of animals in a period of 1 minute.
  • The videospatial test required drawing a clock or another shape after looking at a picture.
  • On those two exams, the respondents who reported weekly sexual activity, scored the highest.

However, the trials that were measuring attention, language or memory didn’t show special advantage for this group. They were doing just as well as others.

Dopamine and oxytocin, two known important neurotransmitters, could influence the association between physical affection and brain activity, researchers believe. A further biological study could help to better define the link between sex and brain functioning.

Sex for older adults.

Older adults who are sexually active perform better at cognitive tests.

Love making is not just about pleasure, it also helps you stay healthy and live longer

Despite the belief common belief that older people do not participate in sex, it is evident in the study that many seniors engage in love making. Now we know that it also helps to improve their brain ability.

So, if you wish to live a longer and healthier life, finding a partner for life may be just what the doctor ordered.

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The loneliness epidemics

The problem of loneliness as a negative health factor has been widely recognized in the last years. Last month UK appointed the Minister of Loneliness.

The effect of singlehood on health is so profound that it can be compared to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. People in relationships are not only happier, they also live longer and have better rates of survival dangerous illnesses such as cancer. Finding a loving partner is no longer just something that could make your life more exciting, it has well-researched and documented benefits to your health.

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