No sex for old menResearch by the Institute of Social Analysis and Prognosis among older Russians shows that only 30% of people aged 65-69 engage in lovemaking. The numbers sharply drop for Russian women and men 70+, BBC Russia reports.

In Russia, people stop having sex at 45-55

Dmitry Rogozin from the Institute of Social Analysis and Prognosis says that a large portion of Russians terminate sexual activity when they retire or have grandkids. The age of retirement in Russia is 55 years for women and 60 for men, and grandkids arrive decades earlier. As people in Russia marry usually before the age of 25, grandparents in late thirties or early forties are not rare.

  • At 45-55 people in Russia stop having sex. Being engaged in lovemaking is considered somewhat inappropriate for people of this age.

The halt in sex life hinders longevity, Rogozin believes. This “social norm” is not natural but mature Russians see it as such.

  • In the age category 65-69, 30% of Russians still have sex.
  • Among 70-74-year-olds this share drops to 16%.
  • Only 6% of people aged 75-79 maintain their sex life.
  • After 80 the number of sexually active Russians is miniscule.
Old Russian man.

Older Russians rarely engage in lovemaking. Social norms consider such activities inappropriate for people of mature age.

Mature love

There are not many mature couples in Russia. The majority of lonely people 50+ are women. If a woman lost her partner, whether widowed or divorced, at the age of 40-50, as a rule, she will not remarry.

Surprisingly, there are many lonely men among mature singles in Russia. Even though there are several unattached women for every Russian male, who have ample choice, men decide against of pairing with someone else.

This rarely spoken about situation may be another contributing factor why Russian men die on average 10 years younger than women. Research shows that active sex life is proven to contribute to longevity, especially in males.

  • Average life expectancy in Russia is 70 years.
  • Women are expected to live up to 76.
  • Russian males on average live up to 64.

Russians aged 80+ typically have no social ties, except their families, the expert says.

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