Russian politician insists men should have sex 4 times a yearRussian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky insists that men should have sex 4 times a year. Russians are used to Zhirinovsky’s extravagant opinions, that’s why his proposals are never taken too seriously.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia is often called a political clown or “the clown prince of Russian politics” by western media. Some even compare Zhirinovsky and the American presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Russian politician insists that men should only have sex 4 times a year

The video with the politician’s proposal to give up sex appeared in social networks several days ago and attracted a lot of attention, reports.

In the video LDPR leader states that 40% of couples in Japan do not have sex at all and most of Americans have sex less than 10 times a year. Zhirinovsky believes that Russians should be somewhere in the middle and have sex 4 times a year.

He adds that he understands that it’s quite hard to give up sex. You don’t have to do it too quickly, he says. The politician offers to gradually reduce the number of sex acts starting from twice a month and finishing with 4 times a year.

As the former deputy speaker of the Russian parliament explains, sex is absolutely useless. People spend too much energy on it and have nothing in return. The main function of sex is to make babies and that’s all.

The member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe points out that sex is a hard work for men. As for women, they, perhaps, do get some positive energy from it. Men give and women receive, that is how it works according to the politician’s viewpoint, or maybe experience?

Internet users enjoyed the video post and laughed at the politician’s advice. Most of them called it silly and said that Zhirinovsky’s place is in some comic show.


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