35% of Ukrainian men smokeOver 7 million of Ukrainians smoke, according to The World Bank estimates, out of 42 million population. However, it used to be worse. Compared to 2010, there are fewer people that consume tobacco products daily.

According to Ukranews, the proportion of 18+ population who smoke daily in Ukraine decreased by 20% during the last 7 years.

The proportion of Ukrainian smokers by gender:

  • Males – 35.9%
  • Females – 7%

The decrease has been observed only among male smokers, whereas among women there have been no changes.

Experts from The World Bank emphasized that tobacco taxation should reduce the economic affordability of cigarettes. Otherwise, with the Ukrainian economy stabilizing, consumption of cigarettes is likely to increase.

Currently, cigarettes in Ukraine cost around 1 US dollar for a pack of 20. The cheap prices are the reason why Ukraine is #1 sender of contraband tobacco products to Europe.

35% of Ukrainian men smoke.

Over one third of Ukrainian males smoke daily.

Global trends

  • Globally, 22% of the world population are smokers (1.3 billion people).
  • Over 80% of them live in the countries with low and medium income.

The current trends prove that there is a strong correlation between tobacco demand and the income level in a country. The poorer a country is, the higher is the number of people who smoke.

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Whenever I see these studies, I wonder about the figures relating to pipes and cigars. In this context, what is the social snd cultural reaction to pipes and cigars in FSU?


People don’t use cigars and pipes in Ukraine. They probably will see it as weird or a show off.


Oh, surpisingly low raetes. I think in Russia this numbers are much higher. I wonder what had affected people’s choice? Is healthy lifestyle so popular in Ukrain? Anyway, I’m glad to read that the statistics has improved in relation 2010. I hope it will only get better.