Heart decease67% of people in Ukraine die from heart and cardiovascular deceases (for comparison, in the USA it’s 31%). For the last 15 years these illnesses became the leading cause of death worldwide, way ahead of cancer, diabetes and accidents.

Issues of the heart in Ukraine

In Ukraine the problem with cardiac deceases is more acute than in the countries of the European Union, Asia or America.

  • In 2015 hearts deceases were the cause of 68% of deaths in Ukraine.
  • By 2016 this factor improved only slightly to 67.2%.

On the scale of the country, it’s over 400, 000 deaths annually.

For comparison:

  • In Japan and France 29% of deaths care caused by the same factor.
  • In the USA, it’s 31% of fatalities, ua reported.

Worldwide, 17 million people die from illnesses connected with heart and cardiovascular system, according to World Health Organization. By 2030 this number is expected to rise to 23,6 million.

The main issues for Ukrainians as compared to other nations are high levels of stress and unhealthy eating habits, topped up with high levels of smoking and alcohol consumption among population. Men in Ukraine tend to die early and most males don’t survive to retire. There is a huge gap of 10 years in life expectancy of males and females.

Men should be worried more

Men enter the zone of risk at about 40-45 years of age, while women at around 50-55, doctors say.

This is why regular checks, including blood tests to determine the level of cholesterol, are recommended once a year for people over the specified age limits.

How not to fall a victim of a heart decease

Risk factors include:

  • Lifestyle: smoking, low physical activity, incorrect nutrition, stress.
  • Health: high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, extra weight, diabetes, age.

However, according to doctors, 80% of strokes and heart attacks are preventable. Healthy lifestyle and regular moderate physical activity are the two major factors in prevention.

In addition to that, doctors advise:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Learn to manage stress.
  • Find time to recuperate and relax.
  • Maintain healthy weight.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Healthy food: low level of saturated fats, sugar and salt; eating lots of fresh fruit and vegies.
  • Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water daily.

Interesting facts

  • Your heart pumps through over 5 litres in 5 minutes. In an hour, it makes on average 4,200 heartbeats and pumps 300 litres of blood. In a year your heart pumps enough blood to fill in an Olympic size pool—over 2.5 million litres, while making over 38 million heartbeats.
  • The total length of flood vessels in a human body equals 3 times the length of equator.
  • Even fat tissue is full of capillaries. Extra weight makes the heart to do extra work by pumping blood through about 5 thousand miles of capillaries.
  • The only organ in the human body that doesn’t have blood vessels is the cornea of eye. (Even scientists didn’t know about it until recently.)
  • The maximum number of heart attacks happen at Christmas and New Year. The rate of life threatening cardio-related problems also increases in a hot summer weather.

Love heals

The good news is that love has great healing qualities. When you find a real partner who loves you for who you are, someone to hug, kiss, and cherish, it’s not only pleasant but it will also assist your health.

  • Your level of stress will decrease.
  • Being in a loving relationship assists in lowering blood pressure.
  • Lovemaking is a moderate physical activity—just as doctors recommend.

Earlier we reported that being single is bad for you. Lonely people tend to live shorter lives, researchers insist.

So, take care of your health and find with a loving and devoted partner on Elena’s Models today!

See the stories of our recent happy couples for inspiration.

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Meat, eggs, milk, cheese do me great. Starch is the most problematic. Starch gunks up the lymph. I’ve always been in pretty good performance health,…. but rarely eating starches has been a god send. Beer and wine are good for health. White bread, popcorn (even plain popped), even potatoes, tortillas, chips,…etc. are bad for my health. Occasional bits are ok,… occasional raw oatmeal with raw milk preferably, plus salt, and some bits of dried fruit is good on rare occasion, or seasonal occasion, is ok. And of course plenty of fresh fruit and some greens, cooked and raw.