yatsenyukUkraine’s prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk resigned after months of pressure from the public and his own faction in Duma. The position is now vacant but there are not too many people competing for the top job. Maybe the reason is the salary?

How Much Ukraine Pays To Prime Ministers

The prime minister’s remuneration for the month of March was only 26634 hryvnia, which is about USD $1043, Finance.ua reported.

This amount was calculated through a complex formula:

  • Base wage: 7922 hryvnia ($310)
  • Government rank bonus: 152 hryvnia
  • Long service bonus: 2018 hryvnia
  • Special work type bonus: 10094 hryvnia
  • PhD bonus: 1188 hryvnia
  • Secret documents access bonus: 1584 hryvnia
  • Compensation for working during a business trip: 1296 hryvnia

The final amount also includes a monthly bonus to the amount of 30% of the base wage: 2374 hryvnia.

Taxes on this amount were 5193 hryvnia (personal tax 4794 hryvnia, military tax 399 hryvnia).

The actual amount that Ukrainian prime minister received as his monthly remuneration in March 2016 was 21440 hryvnia ($839).

Ukraine prime minister salary

According to today’s exchange rate, Ukraine’s prime minister salary for March 2016 was only USD $1043.

In 2015, Yatsenyuk declared income of 1 million 966 thousand hryvnia ($77 thousand). His wife declared income of 1 million 134 thousand hryvnia last year ($44 thousand).

The prime minister’s salary in 2015 was much lower than this year. His official wages and bonuses accounted for only 81721 hryvnia ($3201) for the whole year, or 6800 hryvnia ($266) a month.

So, is it any wonder that corruption is widespread in the country, where even its prime minister earns mere $1,000 a month? Tho thirds of Ukrainians reported having encountered corruption in 2015.

The new candidate for the position of Ukraine’s prime minister is Volodymyr Groysman, the speaker of the parliament, vice premier, and former mayor of the city of Vinnitsa. His appointment hasn’t been confirmed as yet. He is a namesake of Russian president Vladimir Putin, although the name is spelled slightly different in Ukrainian. The name “Vladimir” (Volodymyr) means “Own the world” in Russian.

Today Ukrainian Duma will be voting to accept Yatsenyuk’s resignation and appoint the new prime minister.

Ukraine's prime minister Yatsenyuk

Ukraine’s prime minister Yatsenyuk resigned.

Volodymyr Groysman

The new candidate for the position of Ukrainian prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman.

Photo: Screenshots, Video: Channel 112.ua

Video: Volodymyr Groysman talks about his future government

The new candidate says his government will continue reforms in the country and will be “public, open and effective”. His first task is to stabilize the situation in Ukraine.



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Ukraine will get rid of corruption way before Russia, because Ukraine has much fewer natural resources (search on “Resource Curse”). Russia is doomed to be a strongman dictatorship forever. Sometimes a horrible strongman like Stalin, sometimes an okay one like Khrushchev, sometimes a simple crook like Putin. There is simple too much resource wealth to steal in Russia, and that creates temptation and allows for paying off the henchmen who keep the strongman in power. Ukraine simply can’t afford this sort of thing. Ukraine’s problem is stupidity and fanaticism (plenty of that among the Russian people also, of course), but… Read more »


salary dont matter with all the poloticians are bought and paid for by the elites.Money in offshore accounts all legal….he has done well for himself and wife ….


Not by any chance, I would’ve chose to rule this country. There is no difference between Groysman or Yatsenyuk. If we want any changes, we need to change our mentality first, and then we need to choose right people. Without it – God, bless us and our country.


I am willing to take the position of prime minister of ukraine pro bono for 4 years.