How Much Ukrainian Women Earn in 2016Ukrainian recruiters listed in demand professions and jobs for 2016, including average salaries and amounts offered through new vacancies. If you are interested in how much Ukrainian women earn in 2016, the highest paid jobs are paying only around $707/month, while the lowest paid positions in demand tender only $143/month.

Ukrainian Jobs in 2016

Recruiters and industry experts analyzed the current Ukrainian local job market considering the number of vacancies on job portals and how quickly they are filled in.

Ukraine is going digital and the online commerce sector keeps growing at high pace. This factor brings demand in online marketing specialists and virtual sales managers.

According to the information by, newcomers are still in demand. Companies are happy to employ young graduates in junior positions, while expecting loyalty and improvement in their skills in exchange to providing an opportunity to start a career. The level of salaries in junior positions may be a deterring factor though: They earn on average about $143/month and may get a position offering up to $236/month.

IT specialists will continue to be in demand in 2016. However, due to higher average salaries this field is rather competitive and potential employment prospects depend on knowledge of the latest technologies and experience. Newcomers can only get a basic salary, while a specialist with experience and uncommon knowledge will be able to pick and choose.

Medical and pharmaceutical professionals, as well as those involved in sales and administration are also at the top list of “in demand” professions. However, their official salaries rarely exceed $250/month. Medical doctors, while earning low salaries, may also get tips from patients and over half of their income comes through “shadow” payments. The problem is admitted by the Ukrainian administration, estimating the size of the shadow economy as 42% of the actual GDP.

Sport, health, beauty, science and education, and hospitality industry are trying to entice new employees by offering rather low wages between $220-230/month. Actual wages earned by employees, as listed in their CV’s, are even lower.

The only jobs that pay more than $200-300/month are online or in the programming sphere. Women who speak good English and provide digital services have an upper hand when seeking employment in Ukraine.

Top 3 Job Vacancies in Ukraine for 2016:

  1.  IT specialists: average monthly salary offered 19,288 hryvnia (about US $833) — average salary earned 16,375 hryvnia ($707).
  2. Junior specialists: average monthly salary offered 5470 hryvnia ($236) — average salary earned 3319 hryvnia ($143).
  3. Medicine and pharmaceutics specialists: average salary monthly offered 8164 hryvnia ($352) — average salary earned 6652 hryvnia ($287).

Average salary earned is calculated by what applicants indicated in their CV’s. The data was published by All amounts are payments by month, not by week.


Ukraine jobs 2016

Average monthly salaries in Ukraine (click to enlarge).



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IT market in Ukraine is rapidly growing right now, and there is a huge choice of jobs in this industry. If you’re a good IT specialist, it means you have great opportunities to find an interesting and a high-paid job. But even if you don’t have a higher education in IT, you can firstly become a manager in IT company. This position is also in favour. And while working as a manager, you can learn programming online and apply for another position in your company later.


The country which is able to survive with such salaries, soon will have big problems with corruption. Life pushes people, to make extra money. And this corruption is not a subject that can be solved in a couple of days. Ukraine is really in terrible situation.

Jonathan Michaels
Jonathan Michaels

To an American, these salaries are extremely low, but the real comparison is purchasing parity. That is, how much a dollar buys in Ukraine versus the US. Also, which city in the US since there is such a wide disparity in costs of living (say from New York to a small town). However, I cannot believe that salaries less than $1000/month can compare to average salaries in the US of >$60K for an average person. If you have a specialty (like IT, engineering, medical, etc) you would make much more than the average. In IT consulting for example, STARTING salaries… Read more »


This money is not big. But people in Ukraine are more lucky living not far away from Europe and so they spend less money for travelling than, for example, people living in Siberia. And, unfortunately, in Russia our salaries are also not very high.