Top destinations for Russian tourists in 2017In 2016-2017 Russians turned to local destinations when searching for holidays. Travel Hub Russia reported that the majority of searches on Google included local places, commented.

Which countries Russians researched with a view to visit in 2016-2017?

  1. Local (Russia)
  2. Turkey
  3. Thailand
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. Greece
  7. USA
  8. Cyprus
  9. Emirates

Among most popular internal destinations are Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi. Crimea, which used to be a leader, dropped to #14.

In 2016 the share of travellers who organized their own flights and accommodation raised to 33% (from 27% the previous year). Citizens of Russia also made more travel-related searches online than before.

This year even more people researched their future trips on the Internet. In the first quarter of 2017, 73% of travellers were planning their trips independently.

While Russians used to prefer travelling in organized groups, this year they seem to have embraced advantages of independent trips. Online booking systems for both hotels and airplane tickets make it simple to create your own schedule.

Turkey is popular among visitors from the largest country in the world because of cheap tours that are “all inclusive”: Tourists buy a package that includes flights, airport transfers, accommodation, and meals. You basically don’t need to spend any of your own money, except for souvenirs. Usually such tours utilize charter flights. This option is especially admired by families with kids, as well as single Russian girls on tight budgets. It allows them to take a vacation at an exotic place at prices cheaper than the cost of a holiday locally.

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Hi, I am Russian. And this year I have chosen Sochi, the Black Sea. By the way I researched my trip and also buy it on the Internet. It is so convenient. For my small budget, I have gotten a nice 3-stars hotel and flight. I am very happy!


It’s great! I have not been in Turkey as yet(( It’s my dream to visit this country. Hope that next year i would travel there) Also Bali, Vietnam, South Korea are very interesting countries. To travel is very interesting!


I have noticed that during the last years Russian people go mainly to Turkey, Emirates, Cyprus and Egypt. These are the cheapest destinations for those who want just to stay calmly under the sun.


With the renewal of charter flights, I can confidently say that Turkey almost back the top spot among Russians tourists, no wonder, it’s still one the cheapest countries where people can enjoy a good vacation, but the other mediterranean resorts have not abandoned their attempts to win the crown.