Should I Send Money To Russian Women for Travel?The nature of international relationships is such that men and women need to meet somewhere. It is not always possible to easily reach the destination where the lady lives, therefore some men wonder: Should they send money to Russian ladies for travel?

Sending Money to Russian Women for Travel

The rule of thumb states that you should never, ever send money to women.

However, if the lady lives in a city far away from the capitals, is it acceptable to send her money for travel to Moscow or Kiev?

First of all, of course, it’s your money and you can do whatever you wish. You are an adult, and can take your own decisions about spending your own money. No one can tell you what to do and what not. Use your own common sense.

Sure, if you have been talking to the woman daily for 3 months on Skype, and she needs $50 to reach Moscow, this may not be a big deal for you.


Instead of sending money to Russian women for travel reimburse the price of tickets when you meet.

However, if there are hundreds of dollars involved, it’s a different story altogether.

You may be surprised to find out that a 9-hour train ride from Kiev to Odessa is only priced at $18 (1 way) — and that’s on a special “luxury” overnight train. There are other train routes that are cheaper. So, it may not be out of this world for the lady to purchase the ticket herself, if you promise to reimburse her on arrival.

She won’t have a problem to buy the ticket for herself if you show her your plane tickets and send her a copy of your itinerary, and also provide her with a copy of your hotel booking. She will know that you indeed are coming to see her, and she will pay her way. Just remember to have the money ready on her arrival in an envelope, so that she doesn’t have to ask you for the money.

Even if it is hundreds of dollars she needs to pay for a plane ticket, she will be happy to do it, if she trusts you and you showed her your passport, tickets, and hotel bookings and she feels safe that you will refund her expenses on arrival.

If she says she has no money to buy her own tickets (even after you have sent her copies of all your travel documents to her country), maybe she either doesn’t like you that much, or there is another agenda.

So, sending money to women for travel to the capital is not necessary. She can always borrow money from friends (all ladies have tons of friends) or family. If she likes you, she will find the way.

If she doesn’t like you, she will find an excuse.

A Woman Travelling to You

Some women are happy to visit you in your country — usually the women who are more secure in themselves, such as ladies 30+ who had plenty of experience travelling the world.

Again, sending a copy of your ID (block last digits) to the woman is a good idea to confirm who you are and where you live. Only do it if you are confident in the person and feel comfortable with them.


Some women will be happy to travel to you.

It is a good idea to ask a woman in the beginning of your communication, whether she would consider travelling to visit you and tell her that you are happy to reimburse her expenses. In fact, it can make you a more attractive option to the woman, because the majority of men are too timid to organize an actual personal meeting, and only write for entertainment (women call them “dreamers”).

If you demonstrate to the lady that she has an actual chance of meeting you and you are willing to invest in your relationship, it will make you stand out.

It doesn’t mean that you should do it: Just ask. It’s all you need to do in the beginning. You can still decide to rather visit her at the end, but it never hurts to know.

In this way, you can book her tickets online, and only you will be able to receive the refund. All she needs to do is just get a visa (about $100-150). Some women already have a valid open visa to the European Union or even United States.

Ask if she has visited your country before, as this can make it simpler. She can even pay for the tickets herself (prices may be cheaper when ordering from Russia), and you will reimburse her once she lands in your city.

See more tips on how to organize a personal meeting here: VIP Coaching Program for Dating Russian and Ukrainian women.

People who genuinely wish to meet, are able to find a way. Simply be open in your communication.


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Nelson Usoro
Nelson Usoro

I have read the blog and agree with the ideas. But I advise any man that wants to meet a Russian lady (that is ladies from the former USSR) to go there. Do not invite her to the metropolis. Go to her village or city where she lives. By so doing, the man will know how the people there behave, trust the woman and know her very well. SKYPE and long communication by phone and email will not let one know a woman . If the woman is to travel down, it is a different thing altogether, provided the man… Read more »

Dennis Zaderaka
Dennis Zaderaka

What does it mean when women say they want a man, “who knows what he wants?” I am from the USA but I am sure this means something that I do not have a clue to the meaning.



Elena, you forgot something: Competition For example…a 50 year old overweight Russian woman with kids who lives far away from Moscow and who only gets 1 mail from the clients of your site….she can be expected to pay for her travel to Moscow so she can meet the only man who wrote to her. But what about the beautiful young women who receive a lot of mail? Let’s say a young beautiful girl from Odessa gets mail from a man who is willing to travel to her city…she gets another mail from a man who offers to pay for her… Read more »


Let me share my experiences with you – after 12+ years of online dating with mainly women in the Ukraine and Russia, I think I have finally found my needle in the haystack. During this 12 years I have made more or less rather bad and not so good experiences – I think I could even write a book about my dating experiences with various sites and women – therefore I have always been very very careful with sending money and have never done it so far until now. I met a great woman online and we have been in… Read more »


When a man thinks, “Should I Send Money to my Russian woman for Travel?”, he should better think about it a lot and be sure that he trusts this girl. From all my heart i like international couples a lot. First of all, because couples have a different atmosphere in their house, in conversations between them and etc. I think it happens because two cultures come as one, which consists of the two. Secondly, because of that families, where parents come from different countries, maybe with different religions, we will have a new generation. This is a magical generation. For… Read more »

William Worth
William Worth

Hello, My name is William I recently met a lady on the Elaine’s models. We have been Skype being for the past three months and we seem to have a connection. I’m going to book my flight to go see her in July, but there is one issue that just came up. The lady asked me for $300 so she would be able to get a visa to come to the United States. I mentioned to her that when I return home I can apply for a K-1 visa. She wants to discuss that when we meet face-to-face. Apparently she… Read more »