Stressful jobs in Ukraine.

Stressful jobs in Ukraine. Some jobs tend to be more stressful than others. published a rating of most worrisome occupations, as reported by a Ukrainian employment portal.

1. Babysitters and nurses

Number one stressful job has to deal with taking care of elderly and sick people and looking after kids. Carers don’t just work, they actually spend long periods of time with those people and become a part of their lives.

2. Food service industry

They usually work irregular hours, often may be asked to take night shifts or work all day long. Loss of appetite, sleep issues and problems with the concentration of attention are observed in 10.3% of public catering workers.

3. Social workers

People of this sphere are oftentimes faced with the aggression of those who they are trying to help. In addition, they have increased responsibility and have to act strictly according to the instructions.

4. Medical personnel

Medical doctors and nurses help us to fight illnesses and stay healthy, and sometimes they have to assist patients to recover not just physically but also emotionally. The need to cheer, comfort or soothe may take even more effort than the process of treatment itself.

5. Artists and creative professionals

More than 9% of such people go through depression. They worry too much about their popularity and ratings and very often complain about lack of inspiration.

6. Teachers

The duty of any teacher is to build a relationship with students and their parents. It takes a lot of effort. At the same time, their working day does not always end at 6 pm. Teachers often work at home: check tests, prepare materials for classes and exams. In fact, teachers in Ukraine earn very little, which is another reason to feel stressed.

7. Shop assistants

Sellers in Ukraine do not have a fixed salary. Their income depends on the ability to sell as much as possible and fast in order to fulfill the sales plan. In addition, they need to constantly communicate with customers, including dissatisfied ones.

To the people who are easily stressed, it may be advisable to avoid such stressful occupations. Ukrainian labor market is always in need of workers. Among the most in demand professionals are welders, carpenters, engineers, cooks, and waiters.

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In my opinion, in each country all jobs are stressful in its own way. It doesn’t depend on in what country a person lives and what kind of work a person has. Even though the person is freelancer he/she is in a stressful situation. Because of the person is constantly at home, without communication with people. This can lead him to moral and mental problems.


I think that the most stressful jobs are babysitters, nurses and teachers because they have to work with children or elderly people and build relationships with them. It’s my opinion. However, the list of stressful jobs can also depend from the country itself. Different jobs can be stressful in different countries.