How satisfied Russians are with their lives?In 2017 Russians have been happy about accessibility of information via phone and Internet as well as their ability to purchase high-quality goods. However, they are not as satisfied about the standards of free health care, ecology and infrastructure.

Satisfaction: Good Internet and poor medical care

In 2017 Russians have been the most satisfied with accessibility of information via Internet and mobile phone. The ability to buy goods such as clothing, furniture, appliances and cars is rated second most satisfying, but it’s over 0.5 points lower rated on 1 to 5 scale.

Internet accessibility and affordability keeps improving in Russia. It is the expense that people don’t try to save on, considering it more important than paying a water or electricity bill or buying good food. (When people are saving, they usually start with saving on food.)

In general, Russians feel quite secure, which is one of the most important indicators of the good life for locals.

However, the state of ecology and infrastructure, access to medical care, and stability of income scored less on the satisfaction scale.

Satisfaction rating (from most satisfied to least satisfied)

On the scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), Russians on average rate their life satisfaction as following.

  1. Information accessibility (phone, Internet): 4.30
  2. Affordability of quality goods (clothing, appliances, cars, furniture): 3.78
  3. Security: 3.75
  4. Comfort of living conditions: 3.66
  5. Quality and affordability of food products: 3.65
  6. Professional career: 3.63
  7. Accessibility of cultural recreation and facilities: 3.60
  8. Health status: 3.57
  9. The quality of education: 3.52
  10. Stable income: 3.36
  11. Ecology (quality of water and air): 3.28
  12. Developed infrastructure: 3.24
  13. Affordable medical care: 3.10

Life satisfaction in RussiaThe survey was conducted by

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