Dating hack #3 for courting Russian women: Profile pictureImproving your profile picture will have a major impact on your results on a dating site. It works particularly well when you are courting Russian women online.

Guys who change their portraits as per these tips report significant improvement in the numbers and quality of women who contact them first and answer their mails and chat requests.

The best picture for your dating profile

The absolutely best picture for your profile is the one where you are wearing a white shirt, tailored pants and a jacket. It can be suit and tie or even a “black tie” type of attire that men wear at formal weddings. Any guy dressed like this will get tons more clicks on his picture and therefore contacted by pretty girls on a website where people seek international long distance relationships with a view to a lifetime partnership or marriage.

It is a very specific type of introductions and looking your best is extremely important.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t dress like this in your everyday life. What matters is that you look safe and secure and she has less fear you are some kind of a maniac who may turn her life into a nightmare. If you can look after yourself, you probably can look after her—this is how she thinks.

It means women will be more inclined to answer your mails and chat requests. Even guys who don’t feel comfortable in Speedos look presentable in a white shirt, pants and a jacket.

If you have a stunning body, I would still recommend a nice shirt and pants as the main shot of your personal page on a dating site. You can add images of you in a gym or doing sports if you wish to show off your great body. But if you have any doubts about your shape, it’s better to stick with what you know works with Russian girls.

Photo choice.

You be the judge: Which guy a girl wold rather go out with? Watch the amazing transformation a white shirt and a suit, along with a decent haircut, can create for a man.

Remember to smile

The second dimension of the photo in your dating profile that Russian women trust is your smile. The best is to have an open smile. If you are unable to master that, at least look friendly and open, like you would when meeting a good friend whom you haven’t seen for ages.

No obstructions

Remove hats, caps, glasses, and objects from your face. Pets can be in secondary photos but avoid animals in your main photo, as well as cars or motorbikes. Your primary photo is about YOU.

The best picture for your dating profile

The better you look on your profile picture, the fewer doubts ladies will have about you.

Background matters

Great pictures that are pleasant on the eye look like postcards. Backgrounds like urinals or basins in bathrooms cause girls to gag. The background of your photo should be uncluttered. Nice views like water, greenery or flowers look great, as well as simple clean light-coloured backgrounds like a wall. Any mess behind you creates a poor first impression on the future Love of Your Life.


If you are making photos outdoors in a daylight, this usually allows for a good enough lighting. If you are indoors, play with it, and you will be able to get it right. Dark thumbnails are not being clicked on, even if you are good-looking. And vice versa, bright pictures get a lot of clicks.

Use filters

Once you got the picture you really like and the one that meets all the points above, add some magic to it. Modern cameras allow to edit photos on your mobile phone by adding extra brightness and saturation. Play with it and see the difference between shots with added colour and brightness and the ones without it. The difference is rather staggering. Use what Russian girls and Instagram stars learned to exploit to their advantage. It’s still you and it’s not a Photoshop editing. It’s what photographers and filmmakers were doing for decades. Now you too can utilize these simplest tools.

Simple colour enhancement.

Which picture looks more like a postcard? The image on the right appears to have jumped right from the pages of a travel agent. This is how easy it is to alter perceptions with the use of filters on your smart phone. Play with it and the number of clicks you get on the dating site will double!

Professional photos

Playing around with filters, backgrounds, lighting, and clothing will definitely provide you with a better quality #1 photo for dating purposes. However, if you are determined to succeed, there is also professional help available. Some photographers are quite inexpensive. Phone around and you may be able to turn the attraction up a few notches. Don’t worry, it’s still you and no one will complain. Women are more upset with guys shaving a few years off his record than with a gentleman who looks great on his pictures although he is not a movie star. (By the way, did you even see how the movie stars look in real life?)

Get it done and enjoy the results!

Professional photos

Get professional help if you are determined to succeed.

A side note: Some guys say things along the lines, “I already get tons of letters, I don’t need to bother” but when we start asking questions, it’s invariably on a PPL (pay per letter) dating site. Sure, if you are on a PPL website (“dating” sites where males are charged for every letter, mail, chat message, or photo share), you will be absolutely swamped by mails and chats from cute Ukrainian brides. But this is because the agents who recruit girls to type letters and chats get commissions from what you pay. (In fact, the worse you look on your photos, the more messages you will probably get because PPL writers assume you must be pretty desperate—no one wants you with such a pic—and thus more likely to fall for their tricks.)

But on you do not pay for letters and chats, so to be contacted by women is something special—and they think it through before pressing the button “Send”. Ladies on our site consider carefully whom to start a conversation with. If you want to be popular, get better photographs—every guy who tried it confirmed it works wonders.


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Adam Schwartz
Adam Schwartz

Take off glasses? One young Russian woman write to me *because* I was wearing glasses in one of my photos.