mistakes-in-profilesEarlier this month we conducted a poll on mistakes in profiles on dating sites, the results of this research are published below.


374 respondents answered the survey within 24 hours on 17-18 September 2015. Answering was optional for members who were logged in to their profiles. Only 1 option out of 6 could be selected in response to the question: What mistakes do members make in their profiles most?

The respondents also had the option to add a short comment in their own words.


What errors bother our members the most?

  1. Poor quality photos not cropped to see them clearly: 26% (97)
  2. Not having enough photos in a profile: 25.7% (96)
  3. Posting photos that are 2+ years old: 25.5% (95)
  4. Describing their past issues or baggage: 7.8% (29)
  5. Writing a long profile like a novel: 7.8% (29)
  6. Failing to spell check the profile: 7.2% (27)

It was not surprising that issues with profile pictures came on top. All three options including problems with photos gathered around 1/4 of responses each, or over 77% in total.

As such, 77.2% of Elena’s Models users (nearly 4 out of 5 people) think that love seekers should put more attention to their profiles photos: They are guilty of either posting poor quality photos that are not clear, not having enough pictures, or posting snaps that are more than two years old.

Profiles that are too long and the obvious presence of emotional issues equally bother members, but scored only 7.8% each.

The least annoying for members is poor spelling: Only 7.2% members find it inconvenient.

Survey results: Mistakes in profiles on dating sites

Survey results: Mistakes in profiles on dating sites (click to enlarge).


The survey offered users the ability to add a comment in their own words, allowing them to name other mistakes that people make in their dating profiles, in addition to pre-written options (see above). Again, the theme of profile photos comes through the most profoundly.

Among other errors members named:

  • Too short and ordinary description of themselves
  • Descriptions that don’t sound personalized
  • Lying about their age or weight
  • Not narrowing enough their partner criteria
  • Incomplete profiles

Other complaints about photos (in addition to 3 options listed in the survey):

  • Posting photos that have been retouched or altered
  • Not having casual snaps in addition to studio/staged photos
  • Pictures in bathroom mirrors
  • The need to include the date when photos were taken
  • Photos in sunglasses
  • Pictures with their ex
  • No photo at all

In Member’s Own Words

Errors that annoy our users:

  • Not writing a great profile filled with happy thoughts, good intentions, down to earth, easy to read and understand.
  • Heavily photoshopped photos. This is stop. Photoshop should only be used for professional purposes not on a dating site. Women who used Photoshop do look different in natural poses.
  • Believing “brutally honest” is a quality. Being elegant and straightforward, is better than being blunt. Not being precise in their profile (e.g. age ranges, and expectations). Using sarcasm — not realizing it does not translate to print well.
  • Men who are not able and not willing to travel to meet their potential match should write this in their profiles in order not to waste ladies’ time. Usually men lie that they can come, and later in Skype conversations ask a girl to come to them.
  • Men are not having serious intentions.
  • Men often lie and use women.
  • Sometimes men’s profiles contain little information. I think that all fields must be completed. I would like to see profiles that contain at least a few photos of a good quality, at least one full length picture.
  • Not enough information about interests.
  • Being more focused on what they demand from a future partner than describing themselves.
  • They look for serious relationship and yet they have half naked pics posing like they are in a strip show.
  • Need more pictures in lingerie or swimwear.
  • Everything is fine, except bad photos.


This research is available both for men and women on our site, in Russian and English.

I am tired of writing about the importance of photos in profiles on dating sites, so I hope you can read between the lines:

“Without good photos you are wasting your time on a dating site!”

If all members had good quality decent photos, showing them in their casual clothing as well as dressed up, life would be much easier for all of us.

How to get a good profile:

  • Get a good quality photo + 5 or more shots in different outfits and environments. Best photos are the ones showing you doing what you love. Remember to smile! 🙂
  • Complete all fields.
  • Think what makes you the special person you are, and ensure it comes through loud and clear in your texts. But don’t make it too long (7.8% of people don’t like it). The recommended length is around 300 characters for each filed. Put the most important statement first, it will be visible in the profile (to read your complete text, people have to click additionally).
  • Spell check (7.2% of users find it the most irritating).
  • Narrow down your requirements to a partner, but don’t be too demanding. Likes attract likes, so if you possess the quality you are seeking for, list it in your own description.
  • Don’t lie.


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Sometimes reading profiles on the dating site I have opinion that people fill them too fast or not attentive. Not informative profile with mistakes has less chances even if there are brilliant photos in it. It also will be difficult for potential partner to find you in search if you have almost empty profile. So, better come back and read your profile again. Maybe it’s the reason why you are still alone?


It is difficult to write about himself interestingly if actually you are not interesting. If everything that you like is to lie on a sofa and to watch TV. I think it is necessary to be, but not to seem! Everybody has to find hobby to liking and adherents. Women like keen men!


I can’t speak for all the men, but I can name a lot of examples when a lady we have contact ( no matter if it’s email, or chat or whatever ) fills you with lies, saying that ”it’s normal” because she is a woman (!), or after a small period of communication ( a week, maybe?) disappears, for a week, only to reappear and criticize you that she doesn’t want a letter – pal and ”when do you plan to visit me?” (!!!!) Honesty is important and it has to be mutual and believe me when I am saying… Read more »


I am not pointing fingers God forbid, but yet it is impressive that someone would spend that time ( and money ) only to be offensive… But then again, that’s life.


Marco, Your point is a common reaction often seen in how either women or men respond in such ways that lack consideration and authenticity yet their profiles proposition that they are much better or nicer people. My thoughts are that presenting a good quality profile of photos and a realistic commentary about yourself and your wants should reflect who you are. Thus there would be no surprises in what to expect in a response. However communicating on the internet either builds or destroys a relationship fast. It’s often brutal and offensive as some people believe in creating an image of… Read more »


Despite of all that “soul matters first” stuff , still most of the members seek partners with a appearance of their dreams or at least it has to be a good-looking someone, so sure enough members with photo-filled profiles take precedence . Naturally, one of the reasons why foreing males are looking for east-europian girls to marry is their beauty and sex appeal , without considering average respectful attitude and humbleness. While American women often opt for making a carreer and stuff, Slavic brides consider their lives empty without loving husband and plenty of kids.


You can be seeking your second half for years…And you’ll never find it, if you’re too lazy to fill your profile. Is it difficult to spend 2-3 hours to write about yourself and to download some beatiful photos? If you don’t love yourself, nobody will love you.


I enjoy seeing women’s professional photos but women should also include some nonprofessional photos in their profile.