Meeting at the airport.

Meeting at the airport. The short answer to the question how soon you should meet after connecting on the site sounds like this: The sooner, the better — unless your date that has been scheduled dumped you and you are hastily trying to arrange someone else on a short notice. Then it looks desperate and girls don’t like to feel like a replacement. But if you are in your home country, then she will be the most excited if you want to visit her soon.

Relationship dynamics

In any case, unless you start talking about a potential visit or a vacation together within 2-3 weeks after the first communication, the progression of your potential relationship will be halted.

Relationships dynamics dictate that it should progress and move forward. If this doesn’t happen, it dies. The lady loses interest or you both become too entrenched in the online communication, building unrealistic expectations, that it can only end up in a disappointment.

You need to build a real relationship. The initial stage of online communication only helps you to find our about the other person the things that are important for you and could be deal breakers — make sure you ask all the right questions. But once you feel that you could be potentially good for each other, start talking about a real life date — yes, one of you needs to travel to make it happen. Or maybe you both decide to travel to an exciting destination.

You don’t need to immediately jump on the plane — but you do need to start talking about a meeting after 2-3 weeks of chatting and emailing.

Here is the advice of one of Elena’s Models clients. (The original comment arrived to this post.)

When should you meet?

By Jeroen

The ladies want to meet asap. Elena has another blog post where she writes what the ladies think of months long correspondence: “yuck”. Rightfully so.

I am a man and in two weeks I will meet a Ukrainian lady in Warsaw. I am counting the days until I can meet her. Once I find a potential mate I want to meet immediately to see if we have chemistry.

How much time should we wait until arranging a personal get together?

One month. That is in my opinion the right amount of time between the first correspondence and meeting in real life. The ladies love it when you can come so soon. You immediately distinguish yourself from the competition and gain a massive advantage over her other suitors.

Why would she spend time on other men who could just be keyboard Romeo’s and never make the trip to her? Or with guys who promise to come in one year? (The chance of that happening is slim.)

Phil, if I were you I would freeze my search on this site until about 2 months before you can go on holiday again. Then, start looking and writing short messages. Continue on Whatsapp or Skype etc.

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Mark Santoro
Mark Santoro

Hi Elena.

Your articles are priceless and you are right on target. An amazing wealth of knowledge. Thank you!



Hi Elena! Will Russian ladies travel to Kiev to meet?

Sorry if this is the wron place to post this question 😉

Roger W Oakes
Roger W Oakes

After reading the contributing article regarding the pension reform in Russia, would it be advantageous to list my income source as being a pensioner at 52? Or should I list my work as retired, since I receive my retirement income now due to disability, as opposed to later from old age? I have learned that Russians use the term pensioner when in the US that term has almost completely disappeared because of massive changes in the financial system in the 1970’s.


Food for thought! One month is too early to determine if a relationship will have the ingredients to be successful. It takes 3 months or so to get to know a person well with daily communication. Yet being there face to face on a daily basis puts everything into perspective. You need to go to the test of trial to figure out if you are compatible with one another, and one month is not going to do it. But It also depends on one’s objectives. What are you looking for? When two people are committed to one another, patience and… Read more »