Average salaries, wages in Ukraine, 2016.The average monthly salary in Ukraine in January-April 2016 was 4686 hryvnia (approximately USD $188). July 2016 Ukrstat reports provide breakdown by region and industry.

In 2016 the real disposable income of households in Ukraine dropped by 15% as compared to the previous year, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine reported. The actual income Ukrainians attain today is only 85.1% of the comparable period in 2015.

Average monthly salaries and wages in Ukraine

The average wage for the first 4 months of 2016 in Ukraine dropped to 4686 Ukrainian hryvnia. By today’s exchange rate it’s approximately USD $188.

Average salaries differ by region.

  • The highest wages recorded in the city of Kiev, where in April 2016 they were 8228 hryvnia ($331) a month.
  • Kiev region in total only achieved the average of 4966 hryvnia in April 2016 ($200).
  • The level of remuneration has increased from January to April for the majority of regions.
  • Fluctuations of the exchange rate between US Dollar and Ukrainian hryvnia cause adjustments to amounts in dollars, displayed for comparison purposes.
Average salary in Ukraine in 2016 (January-April).

For the first 4 months of 2016 the average salary in Ukraine was 4686 hryvnia, which is approximately USD 188.

Top-8 regions with the highest salaries in Ukraine (April 2016)

  1. Kiev region: 4966 ($200)
  2. Dnipropetrovsk: 4870 ($196)
  3. Zaporizhya: 4746 ($191)
  4. Odessa: 4428 ($178)
  5. Mykolayiv: 4423
  6. Poltava: 4300
  7. Lviv: 4282 ($172)
  8. Kharkiv: 4210 ($169)

The lowest level of wages was recorded in April in Ternopil at 3442 ($138).

Regions where the monthly salary is below 4000 hryvnia

    • Rivne: 3953
    • Ivanovo-Frankivsk: 3918
    • Cherkasy: 3911
    • Zakarpattia: 3906
    • Sumy: 3905
    • Vinnytsya: 3837
    • Volyn: 3762
    • Chenihiv: 3762
    • Khmelnytskiy: 3733
    • Kirovhrad: 3694
    • Kherson: 3677
    • Zhytomyr: 3630
    • Chernivtsi: 3571
    • Ternopil: 3442 (lowest in Ukraine)

(This list excludes Donetsk, Luhansk regions.)

Ukrainian households obtain 45% of their income from wages and salaries. 35% of income is derived from social payments, transfers, and welfare, Ukrstat’s Household income and expenditure report for the first quarter of 2016 recorded.

There was also 9.5% decrease in financial assets per household recorded as compared to 2015.

Infographics: Average salaries in Ukraine, April 2016

Average salaries in Ukraine in April 2016. Data: Ukrstat. Graphics: EM. (Click to enlarge)



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Awful 🙁 it’s not much money at all. People have to buy food, clothes, pay for their flat, spend money on public transport, buy games for children… I hope this situation will be better on sometime


These are not the actual numbers. Most people do not earn more then $50 USD


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Joe Z.
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