44% of Ukrainians change jobs every 2-4 years

44% of Ukrainians change jobs every 2-4 yearsPeople tend to change jobs from time to time. It may happen because the person wants to move on or they may be made redundant. Employment portal Head Hunter revealed why Ukrainians leave jobs.

Why Ukrainians change jobs

The majority of people have moved from one job to another at least once. 86% of respondents who took part in the survey resigned out of their own will or were fired, Segodnya reports.

Previous polls showed that 44% of respondents change jobs every 2-4 years. At the same time, 18% of people only do it every 5-7 years.

However, there are some workers who seem to never find the right place to work, where they wished to stay long. 13% of respondents move to another job every year. Only 5% of participants never changed jobs.

Reasons to resign

The most common reason to resign was on one’s own accord (59%). It is also not uncommon to be made redundant due to reduction of staff (29%), reorganization of the company (20%) or closure of the office (13%). 1 in 10 had to leave the job because the management wasn’t happy with the employee’s efforts and results.

4% of respondents had to leave because they did not pass probationary periods.

Among other reasons to quit were low wages, conflicts in the team and relocation.

Hard feelings

Only 30% of respondents left their workplaces with no negative feelings.

Two-thirds reported having hard feelings about their former employers. 66% of those workers who weren’t happy when resigning complained about the companies to others, 9% posted negative feedback on the Internet and 5% sued the employer.

Sometimes companies manage to avoid such consequences by providing assistance to employees who have been dismissed. The most preferable assistance from the dismissed employees’ point of view is money, recommendations and psychological support. People who had been fired and the ones who didn’t have such experience had the same ideas about how they wished to be treated in case of a dismissal.

The research had been conducted in March 2018. 689 people from different regions of the country answered questions of the survey.

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In my experience, folks quit their jobs due to shitty conditions and staff, especially their bosses. Or they move on to other jobs that pay better or have better conditions, it’s also a thing and I myself have done it couple of times. One job was closer to my place, and other paid almost twice on the same position.


За мою жизнь, я сменила около 3 работ, все из-за невыносимых условий труда, за те деньги что платят на этих работах требую очень много, не не всегда это входит в твои обязанности. Особенно это касается частного бизнеса.