Anastasia & Tony story (Russia, USA): Married for 3 years, have a baby.Some couples send their stories to us when they have just met, others when they get engaged or after the wedding. But there are also people who send us love stories a few months or even years after the marriage ceremony. Tony and Anastasia’s story arrived 3 years after their wedding.

Tony was looking for a partner for some time and used periodically. However, his contacts on the dating site didn’t bring about a romance and mutual attraction. During his 2-year graduate studies in UK, just before the end of the term, he decided to give it another go. It is then that he contacted Anastasia. This “fortunate decision”, as he expressed it, changed his life.

The pair hit it off fast and started to communicate extensively through calls on phone and Skype. Within months Tony flew to Russia to meet Anastasia in person. Their mutual chemistry was so strong that they decided to visit her parents, who lived in a small town. Tony says it was “unprecedented” for him to meet the parents so quickly in a relationship but in the heart of hearts he felt his many years of search were over.

In November 2012 the future newlyweds filed for a visa for Anastasia and already in April 2013 she landed on the U.S. soil. 2 weeks later they got married.

Story of Anastasia and Tony (USA, Russia)

The beautiful pair recently became parents to a baby girl.

The gorgeous couple recently had a baby girl, who is now 9 months old. On the photos that they sent to us we see the handsome husband hugging his stunning pregnant wife, both relaxed in their happiness together as expecting parents.

We are so excited to be a part of so many people’s journey’s to find love and create a family they wanted to build. I personally met some of the couples that connected on EM and their kids, some of them are nearly teenagers today.

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I can’t believe that they became a couple so fast and already have a baby. Actually, their baby is a really happy person because she has Russian and American relatives and in the future she will be able to live either in the USA or in Russia!

Duane Alexander Parker
Duane Alexander Parker

is it normal to rush and have a baby after only months of talking? why is the time line rushed to get married in a year or year in a 1/2 if you already establish communication and like one another ?

Nate Parker

If you read their story a little more carefully you would realize that they have been married for more than 3 years while their child is only 9 months old. I’m not sure if waiting more than 2 years to have a child can be considered “rushing.”

Duane Alexander Parker
Duane Alexander Parker

Right, the baby was born 3 years after their marriage. Thank you for the correction. Of course a baby after three years of marriage wouldn’t be considered “rushing”, so please refrain from being be rude or sarcastic. I’m just asking a question to gain understanding. Which still doesn’t answer my main point . The rush to marry in less than a year after having a mutual connection, which seems to be a reoccurring theme. Though the story doesn’t quite say how long they communicated for before November 12, so I can’t say for sure.

Sar kastic

So your main point is? If you are saying that you need to be sure before being engaged /married, I would argue that you are mistaken. Love is a journey and every step matters. So if the connection is deep and sincere why wait? If the other person is lying they can still lie after 2 years as long as you got enough dough.


I am really happy for this beautiful couple! It is really not so easy to find the right person and to build strong relations. I sincerely wish Anastasia and Tony patience, love and more children in the future 🙂
It is a pity that some people can not share other’s happiness.


I become happy when I read such beautiful stories. It is so wonderful that they have found each other! I am so happy for them. They are a beautiful couple and I hope that they will never brake up. I want to wish them to be together forever!


Really beautiful love story! I just want to wish this gorgeous couple with their cute baby to be happy within their nice and lovely family!