Talking to Russian and Ukrainian Women about SexTalking to women about sex is a touchy subject at best, and discussing the topic with Slavic girls online is an even more sensitive matter.

These quick tips will help you stay on the right side when conversing about sex with Russian and Ukrainian women.

Talking about Sex in Your Profile

The rule for addressing sexual matters is your online dating profile is simple: Don’t.

Regardless of how important you think it is, don’t use any innuendos or double meanings, and don’t mention the following words:

  • Intimacy
  • Physical relationship
  • Sex
  • Cuddling
  • Hugging
  • Sexy

Let me tell you this: Kissing and hugging is pleasant for any woman, if she is attracted to a man physically. There is no need to try to figure out, whether your online female friend likes it or not: All women do, with the right man.

Men want sex. Women know that.

If you are concerned she may not want to have sex with you, start working out. This will assist this potential problem more than worrying about it.

There are plenty of ways to figure out whether the woman likes you physically or not. If she does, she will be touching you, leaning closer to you, and won’t move away if you move closer. If she doesn’t like you physically, everything will be just the opposite way — regardless of what she says.

And if she likes you, she will feel comfortable with having a drink with you and then making out, allowing you to make your move. She will want to have sex with you and won’t reject you, because of some imaginary reason, for example:

  • She is not like this.
  • She wants to wait until you are married.
  • She thinks having sex too soon will destroy your relationship.
  • Etc.

Get it? The best way to find out if she wants to have sex with you is to see if she does have sex with you. If she does, and keeps doing it, she wants to do it. If she doesn’t, then she won’t want to do it in the future. Rocket science? Not really.

How do you indicate in your online dating profile that you like and want sex? No need. Every man wants it, you are not an exception.

Talking about Sex in Your Communication

If you want to know what she thinks, ask “What Russian/Ukrainian women think”, and she will give you her opinion.

This is fine but only if you get the feeling she is attracted to you, and you are not pushing her to like you, she just does. Otherwise, it’s creepy.

If she is open in answering your other questions, you can tell her you saw a program about sex (you might have really seen one, it’s not hard to find one in the TV schedule), or read an article, or talked to a friend.

Ask her, “What Russian/Ukrainian women think about sex?” (Don’t mix nationalities as it is a sensitive matter, too.)

She will give you her opinion.

It’s that simple.

Talking about Sex before You Have Been Intimate

Before you have been intimate, keep your sex talks to a minimum, or you will make the woman feel uncomfortable.

Again, if you want to talk about you and her, it would sound creepy for a woman with whom you have never been intimate. She will like doing anything with the man she loves and who makes her feel safe and confident in her body — even the most beautiful women have insecurities.

If you want things in bed to go smoothly, be a gentleman and look after her. You will have to initiate, she won’t jump on you.

Timing and making your move are part of the courting ritual. If you want to learn more how to proceed to intimacy smoothly with a Russian or Ukrainian woman, download the VIP coaching manual.

It gives you a step-by-step system.

In short, a Russian or Ukrainian woman will not tell a man she didn’t have sex with about her sexual dreams or desires, and she will be uncomfortable hearing about yours. Mutual comfort will allow you to proceed to intimacy smoothly, and discuss things later openly.

It is the quality of your relationship that in a great extent determines the quality of your future sex life.


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How many dates are recommended before having sex?

I had several experiences with men from this site creeping me out with sex related topics. One guy opened skype while being naked and was trying to talk me into online sex kind of thing, and when I started laughing he said i am cold and not affectionate and hang up on me. That was VERY creepy. Second one BEFORE actual meeting or even planning it, even before first skype, started tellling me about his sexual fantasies, asking if I wear thongs and sounded like a complete maniac who kills people in his basement. I tried to explain him it… Read more »

Very sad to hear that Alexandra.
I refuse to apologise for such behavior from any man, as I can not understand it and also know there are many of these “fruit cakes” / nutters out there. The story like yours is in all countries everywhere… the common theme though is their strange gene-pool and low education standard they have come from!
Well written Elena.
Chivalry, class and manners never go out of style!

Elena K.

I am Russian and my boyfriend is Cypriot. We love each other and will marry soon but still I can’t talk freely about sex with him. He understands that my culture is different…. So, all foreign men should know that if woman from Russia of Ukraine feel uncomfortable to talk about sex it doesn’t mean that she is cold or has some mental problems. It is just a different culture. Otherwise Slavic women can start to think that she that something wrong with her.


Yes, Elena K. Also for Asian women it’s a taboo to talk about sex. Only if a woman trusts man and if she loves him truly, she can discuss with him but she needs an exact time for it.Of course it seems very strange for foreign men, but they should be very tactfully. Asian women become very shy when men start this kind of questions and if a man won’t stop asking, finally she can dissapear.

Bill Olsen

If you really care about or love somebody, you will care how they feel and be attuned to what they like and do not like. If you concentrate on doing what makes her comfortable and relaxed, everything will go well. However, I had mentioned in my profile that I really liked to snuggle which is true. However, it appears I should delete that.

Re women wanting to asit for marriage, I want to wait for marriage before consummating the relationship but that does not stop you from having intimacy and enjoying being together. dr Bill


Is this true all Russia women and Ukrainian women drink and smoke and especially drink i hope not im from Australia and i find some russian women nice and Ukrainian women ♀ i hope that that is a myth very attractive some of the women over there can you answer me that thank you Derham


Hi, gang, here’s my 2 cents on sex with girls: don’t, unless, like Elena says the girl likes you and for the love of God and everything that’s holy, DO NOT ASK A GIRL YOU DO NOT KNOW FOR SEX RIGHT OFF THE BAT, SHE’S A REAL GIRL WITH FEELINGS.

>>She will like doing anything with the man she loves If only that were true. There is an epidemic of women, all over the developed world (uneducated African women are notably free of this problem), who become frigid soon after marriage or getting into a long-term secure relationship. Doesn’t matter how skillful the man is in bed or how much the woman loves the man. “Women, Power and Pleasure” by Evelyn Resh (2013) is a book by a woman lesbian sex counselor who discusses this phenomenon, which affects lesbians even worse than heterosexual women (hence the phrase “lesbian bed death”).… Read more »
I have been to Ukraine and met a couple of Slavic women, and in my experience; First of all…. Elena is correct don’t talk about sex. Below i have written a comparison between Slavic and western woman with regards to how many dates before sex is even in the conversation, admittedly the women from both cultures has to have feelings for you, and find you at least a little bit attractive in appearance and/or personality. Slavic woman Western woman First date = no touching just polite talking. First date = kiss on the lips Second date = hold hands. Second… Read more »

so this is how it works ??? really thought that u had to push the button and sex will happend ;+))))


oops message didn’t post as i wrote/formatted the message


Very often I see in American movies that they all seem to have an accepted model of dating stereotypes. Is it a common thing to believe that sex is about to happen after the third date? If so, I really understand the problems that guys face with Russian girls. I’ve never seen any Russian girl to take these standards for granted, it’s all much more complicated with us, you know)