russian-phrasesDo you know the best way to impress a Russian or Ukrainian girl or woman? Learn some simple Russian phrases, which you can use both in verbal and written communication. Girls just love it when a man tries to speak Russian! It will make her laugh, and, as you know, if you can make a woman laugh, you are half way there.

Many Russian phases are very simple and easy to learn and pronounce. Even if you do not say it 100% right, she will be happy to correct you! You will learn these expressions in just 10-15 minutes.

10 simplest Russian phrases to learn

  • Privet! (Hi!) — It’s an informal greeting, which is used for casual acquaintances and friends. Pronounced as, “preevet“, it’s a great way to start a letter to a woman, or greet her on chat.
  • Poka! (Bye!) — Just like “Privet”, it can be used in writing or face-to-face. An informal version of “Good bye”, it’s pronounced exactly as it looks, “po-kah“.
  • Davay pogovorim (Let’s talk) — This phrase is much simpler to pronounce (“dah-vy pah-gah-vah-rim”) than the more popular Russian expression, “Davay poznakomimsya” (“dah-vy pah-znah-koh-mim-sya” — “let’s get to know each other”). But if you are writing an opening for a letter, you may also copy and paste the second phrase.
  • Kak dela? (How are you?) — Just like its English version, “Kak dela” is used in the beginning of a conversation to start it up. Pronounced as, “kak dee-lah“.
  • Kak pogoda? (How’s the weather?) — The most popular subject in the world, affairs of the weather are very important for Russians and Ukrainians, where the outside temperature can drop 30 degrees in 1 day, from 0 to -30 C˚ (from +32 to -22 F˚). You can also ask, “Kak u vas pogoda?” which means, “How’s the weather at your place?”
  • Kak rabota? (How’s work?) — Asking about her job will make her feel you are not just treating her as a pretty object. No matter what is her job, Russian and Ukrainian women feel it’s important to work and contribute to the society.
  • Ochen khorosho (Very good) — This can be your answer when she asks things about you or tells you some great news. “Khorosho” (good) may be also used instead of “yes”.
  • Da (Yes) — Pronounced as “dah“, it is a simple message of agreement.
  • Net (No) — Pronounced as “niet“, it means disagreement.
  • Ya po tebe skuchal (I missed you) — This you can tell her after you have exchanged a couple of messages. A woman likes to know you have been thinking about her.

Here you are!

Now you know 10 simplest Russian phrases and will be able to carry on a very basic conversation. If you try these expressions talking to women on camera, you will definitely see the spark in their eyes when you utilize your newfound knowledge.

Russians commonly use “translit” as they call it, spelling Russian words in Latin letters, so she also will be able to read these phrases easily when you include them in your messages.

Have fun! 🙂


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I’ve enjoyed trying to learn Russian. The alphabet is a little tricky at first. But once you you know the alphabet, it’s pretty easy to pronounce Russian words correctly. It’s going to take a lot of effort to speak Russian well, but I’m enjoying the challenge.


Nice article . I would like to see more such articles. Russian language sounds sweet. I enjoyed learning these words. Learning the language is best way to show your commitment and live to your future lady. I am looking forward for a day when I can speak basic Russian . Thanks Cheers


This is really good advice! The Russian alphabet is really cool too! Especially the letters Ц Я Ч Ш Щ Д Ж Ф Ы П И Г Л Э Ё Й … and let’s not forget the soft and hard signs Ь and Ъ 🙂
Practise for about 15 minutes a day for a week and you should have the whole alphabet figured out… 🙂


Peter your optimism is appreciated I agree. Ja Souhlasim.

James Sielicki

This is very good information. The simple effort, even if not perfect, will impress others greatly. And the reactions you get are fun!


Thank goodness for the similarities between Czech and Russian, being both of Slavic roots I can see them. My Czech is quite good so learning Russian will be a breeze ;-))


Russian sounds very cute. I used Google translator to look up some phrases. You can also listen to the audio. Elena is right. Women enjoy our imperfect attempts!

Dqniel Chevin
Hi EM team. I realise that this section is to compliment and to show how we have enjoyed learning Russian phrases but you need to know sentences to impress I think. I was waiting for a lady in Kiev from EM for a date and decided to meet in the casino which was in the hotel & in the interim I had met a few Ukrainian gents who in their wisdom decided to teach me some Russian phrases needless to say when my lady arrived she looked great & my opening phrase taught earlier to me by my young unscrupulous… Read more »

Actually very nice when a man though not very skillfully and correctly, but is trying to talk in Russian. It means he is interested in my country and culture, so he can make concessions. There are men who think the girl needs to know their language and the only way to communicate. I think it’s wrong. Make mistakes, try it and write in our language and you will certainly like Russian women!


Russian language is very hard to learn, but it’s easy to learn even though these phrases. They are very useful for starting communication. When you want to continue relationship you should try to learn not only the language but also set of mind and culture.


And then? Then you do not understand her answers! So study Russian, study Russian customs and traditions, try to know more and more if you are really interested in meeting Russian girls! I think it is stupid to use only these phrases, it is too little!


Yay! Nice things for my dear to learn! He already knows some of greetings and simple questions, and he also knows some words, most of them are about food like “borsch”, “smetana”, “okroshka” and so many more! Sometimes he uses them randomly without making any sense and it sounds so strange and so funny at the same time. Sometimes he just yells “Tikha zhenschina!” (“Be quiet, woman!”) and this is hilarious!
Thank you for the report!

Tony Rovere


How would you recommend going about learning Russian or Ukrainian? And are they the same language? Are they close to each other, in the way that Spanish and French share a similar origin in Latin?