The New Year gifts ladies from Russia didn't want to receiveWomen from Russia made a list of the most unwanted presents for them. Surprisingly, it includes items that Russian men usually buy for their sweethearts. Maybe the problem is that not many guys are capable of making the right choices?

Russian women’s most unwanted gifts

Check the list to ensure you’re not the one to give unwanted presents!

  1. Shampoos, soaps, and creams: 18%
  2. Auto products: 13%
  3. Kitchenware: 10%
  4. Alcohol: 9%
  5. Jewelry: 9%
  6. Cosmetics and perfume: 7%
  7. Pieces of art and chocolates: 6%

According to, the most desirable presents for women include exotic food, clothes, and souvenirs (handmade gifts are in demand).

Russian women’s most unwanted gifts 2017

The most unwanted gifts for the New Year are shampoos and soaps.

However, another research shows that Russian women were not against nice pieces of jewellery and some perfume. reports that the most anticipated New Year presents in Russia are:

  • Money
  • Travel
  • Smart phones

Similar trends were recorded in Ukraine as well.

Did we confuse you completely with our ratings? Don’t despair. A unique greeting card, a heartfelt love confession or a beautiful poem would make a woman smile, too. Give it a go!

Russian women’s most unwanted gifts 2017

It’s not an easy task to choose the right perfume. But if you know your girl’s preferences, it can be a perfect gift.

Russian women’s most unwanted gifts 2017

Perhaps, there are two main holidays when you can see lots of Russian guys in jewellery shops. It’s Women’s Day (8 March) and New Year.

Russian women’s most unwanted gifts 2017

In the shop where I made photos, all iPhones were sold out! Except the last one.


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Auto products? Just give your Russian girlfriend an ice scraper so she can scrape the ice from your car window before you go to work! Smart! 😉


I would agree on auto products and kitchenware (who wants to have an instrument as a gift?) but what is wrong with jewelry?