Travel to Ukraine in WinterWhen you travel to Ukraine in winter, remember these simple tips for visitors.

Travelling to Ukraine in Winter

Ukrainian winter is from December to February.

January is traditionally the coldest month, however, it may happen that the lowest temperatures hit the region in December or February. It is not atypical to have cold in October and November, but only for a short time.

Travelling to Ukraine in Winter

Don’t forget to take some warm clothes when going to visit your Ukrainian sweetheart in winter.

In 2015, for example, it was an unusually hot summer in Ukraine: People swam in the Black Sea on Odessa beaches as late as 18 November. In Kiev, the chestnut trees started blossoming for the second time in October 2015.

The average January temperatures in Ukraine are:

  • Kiev: -2˚C (28˚F)
  • Odessa: +2˚C (35˚F)

You would need a warm ski-type jacket or parka, a scarf, and maybe a beanie and a pair of leather or knitted gloves.

Tips for dressing:

  1. Boots that you can wear with thick wool socks would help a lot to keep you warm. Tourist boots are great for walking; just buy them 1 size bigger, to ensure you can wear thick socks.
  2. Most people in Ukraine wear jeans in winter, which are thick enough to keep you warm. If you are not sure that you will be comfortable, take a pair of thermal pants and a T-shirt with you.
  3. People walk a lot in Ukraine: Make sure your walking shoes are comfortable.
  4. Make sure that you have a pair of dress shoes and a suit for going out, just in case.

Ukrainian Winters as Compared to Russian Winters

Ukrainian winter temperatures are much warmer than Russian ones: You would need to dress warmer if you decided to visit a regional city outside Moscow, for example.

In Moscow, you can get away with a similar type of attire as in Ukraine, because most people spend time indoors, and subways make transportation simpler.

In regional Russian cities you would need to check the local guides, as temperatures differ dramatically. Some Russian cities, such as Yakutsk, have below -40˚C (-40˚F) winter temperatures.


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Travelling to Ukraine during winter season can be as exciting as, for example, travelling to some West European capital. If you travel to L’viv, which is actually beautiful at any time of the year, you’ll get to the fairy-tale. Just imagine big Christmas markets, the smell of mulled wine and the taste of dark L’viv chocolate that is famous all over Ukraine and beyond! But if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas markets, be sure you organise your trip before 18th-20th January as most of them will be already closed after these dates.


So, these tips are the same as for travelling in Europe. It is not very cold in Ukraine in winter and it is a wonderful idea for holidays. There are many great places there. Have a good time in Ukraine and be happy!