Kiev and Saint Petersburg are Europe's Cheapest Tourist DestinationsIf you were ever planning to visit Ukraine, now is the right time: Kiev is officially Europe’s cheapest destination to visit.

UK website published the list of places and costs to visit them, putting the Ukrainian capital on top of the cheapest cities for tourists.

The recent inflation and drop in the currency exchange for hryvnia provided an unprecedented opportunity for foreign visitors to Kiev, who can now get much more for their cash.

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How much it will cost you to travel in Europe — click to enlarge. (Graphics:


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Top 10 Cheapest Cities for Tourists In Europe

  1. Kiev, Ukraine
  2. Bucharest, Romania
  3. Sofia, Bulgaria
  4. Krakow, Poland
  5. Belgrade, Serbia
  6. Warsaw, Poland
  7. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. Budapest, Hungary
  9. Krumlov, Czech Republic
  10. Saint Petersburg, Russia

While the Ukrainian capital topped the list of the cheapest cities to visit, Russian metropolis Saint Petersburg also scored the place in top 10. The Northern capital of Russia, as locals call it, used to be the main city and tsar’s residence until the Communist revolution of 1917.

Thanks to this historical heritage it is the home of giant luxury palaces built by Italian architects in the style challenging Versailles in France, as well as astounding museums and vibrant cultural and night life. In 2015-2016 you can experience it on the budget due to the same inflation and plummeting currency exchange for the Russian rouble, which only ever happens once in a few decades.

So, book your itinerary and pack your bags! Chances like this don’t come around very often — take advantage of the situation while you can.


The 10 cheapest European cities for tourists — click to enlarge. (Graphics:



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From this top 10 list I would rather go to Poland and Hungary, may be to Saint Peterborough. Kiev is really green and gorgeus town, but is it safe now? I was tricked in Kiev by a taxi drivers several times ( to be honest in Poland as well). It is fantastic to visit Kiev, but keep an eye on your belongings!


I paid twice as much for my airline tickets just to avoid stop in Kiev flying from London to Greece. Not everything cheap is acceptable.