elenas-models-tips-adviceOur bloggers are happy to provide their best online dating tips and advice, which, as we have found, could be very useful to other members, and make for an entertaining reading. All Platinum and Gold members on Elenas Models have the facility to post a blog once a day, which is a message that goes to all their contacts.

Blog posts are instantly available online on our dating site. This feature is great for instantaneous communication. The more contacts you have in your list, the more people will be reading your blogs. It’s the ideal tool to improve your dating prospects and add a more realistic and “up to date” edge to your online messaging. Messages can include up to 300 characters.

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Tips, advice, and thoughts from men


Women want to feel safe and protected by their beloved, well men want to feel like a God to you. They want to feel like sexiest most handsome man in the world to you. Best looking, best lover, best friend; best everything in your life. You make a man feel this, and you will own his soul.


I have been talking to women on this site and I realized that I know very little about the various countries (Russia, Ukraine, etc) and their cultures. I also found that women have many questions about America also. If you have any questions about America feel free to ask and I will answer.


Friday is the start of the weekend. There is always a sense of excitement with Fridays. But this feeling does not compare to the feeling we get when we fall in love with someone special. Let’s hope that someone special is not far away


Last week was busy, I was in Dubai with meetings in relation to a mining project. This week I am in Bahrain. Bahrain is a small tropical island paradise, that most Russians don’t know. Since October 2014, Russian citizens can have a 2 week visit visa on arrival for $70 USD. I like Bahrain))


Привет, как дэла? I have been learning more Russian, and have Russian characters on my keyboard. I am still very basic with my understanding of Russian, but I am learning more every day (-:


Happiness is reciprocating the love you receive.


I know I should be grading student papers right now, but I find myself being lured back to this site. My heart beats faster when I see there is a message in my Inbox. I hope it is from that special someone who is across the waves. Are they thinking of me at the same moment?


Snow is falling, makes me want to turn the fire place on, make some hot chocolate, and cuddle up to someone beautiful and supportive.

Tips, advice, and thoughts from women 

Natali : Performing “impossible”

Almost anything is possible if you have got enough time and enough nerve.


The trouble with having an open mind is that people usually insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.


I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that’s not the shape of my heart


I would like to meet with a vigorous man who prefer leisure and diversity of life that has a sense of humor, kind, sensitive, respectable and luxurious.


A man consists of a liquid, some of them have it as the braking fluid.


I have a dream and that’s great, because my dream is a large magnet, the law of attraction, which attracts all the circumstances necessary for its execution and for our love and for our happiness.


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I think the biggest thing men here have to learn when they first arrive is that the women here are real in every way. They have their own standards, they are particular about the men they will correspond with. Most of us men, especially Americans, are coming from romance scam sites where we get 50 different women trying to chat with us at once. This site is reality!


I have an advise to men:-) Love and media have one thing in common, its very noisy. So before you walk into the noise make a peace agreement in your heart, then its easier to handle rejections. It sounds simple, but make peace with your self is extremely difficult, because your school, parents, society probably raised you in the opposite way. And remember the media loves to dance with love, and the media is world champion in this discipline, so when you contact a woman, she’s also insecure how to dance like you, don’t blame her, we can’t change the… Read more »


The idea to communicate through blogs is a very useful thing for online dating. First of all it can asure your potential partners that you are a real person and you are indeed interested in meeting a good person for life. Secondly while reading blogs of the site members you can come up with similar thoughts or even similar life situations and someone’s words can help you solve the problems that had been worrying you. Thanks to site creators for this great possibility.