how-to-break-upWhen you are dating online, you are talking to multiple people, and sometimes you will need to break up with someone nicely. Some will be “online break ups”, which means you have only ever communicated through the dating site, and others may occur later in a relationship after a personal meeting. Here are some tips and etiquette how to break up with someone online or after personal face-to-face communication.

How to break up with someone online

Communicating with several people on the dating site at once is normal, and you should not feel guilty about that. Most of your online dates are also communicating with numerous guys. You are all trying to find the right fit, and that’s the only way to do it.

  • As soon as you realize that the person you have been talking to is not right for you, inform them about it. The shorter was your communication, the easier it is on them. Don’t wait to break up with them until later, each email you send can raise their hopes and anticipation.
  • Send a short, one paragraph email, and explain to them why you decided to stop communicating. The simplest way is to say that you have enjoyed talking to them, but realized that you had different ideas and would not be suitable in the long-term. Wish them success in their search for a partner.
  • Be prepared to receive a response. The best is not to enter any further correspondence but if you decide to respond, simply reiterate your position. Be polite, as they are hurting.
  • On Elenas Models, you can also block the person from further communication, which means they can no longer email you.
  • It is preferable to inform the person that you have decided to stop communicating, as otherwise they can be worried about your disappearance, and even think something might have happened to you. Breaking up with someone is never a pleasant thing to do but you can do it nicely, and help them feel better about themselves.

How to break up with someone nicely after a personal meeting

If you have arranged for a personal meeting and there hasn’t been a spark, you need to inform the person that you are not intending to proceed. In case of international dating, as with women on, you will be, most likely, travelling to another country to meet the woman or possibly having her visit you.

If you have taken the decision to break up after spending some time together, you owe it to the lady to do it in person. Certainly, it might seem easier to leave it until you are back home, but to be the real man would require a personal explanation.

  • Once you are sure this will be the end of your relationship, start being slightly cooler.
  • Cut off any affection; it would be unfair to continue receiving physical attention if you decided to break up.
  • Tell her about your decision not to proceed further in a public place during a coffee date or a light meal without drinks, preferably during the day. Being in a public place will help her to keep her composure with other people watching.
  • Be ready to offer a tissue, if necessary. You can touch her hand but no hugs to soothe her.
  • Tell her that she is a gorgeous woman and will be a brilliant partner to someone but regrettably, you do not sense you are right for each other.
  • Do not offer to stay friends. It might happen but at that precise moment, it would not be the right statement to make.
  • Offer to take her to her home or room, or get her a taxi. Pay for the taxi in advance.
  • There is no need to see each other after that. She may send you an email to which you can decide to respond once, politely and briefly, reiterating your position.

Breaking up with someone nicely can actually assist them in getting out there and meeting someone who is right for them. It’s essential to do it considerately and respectfully.


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Hi Elena, thank you for this article, this is very helpful. Could you do an article on how to figure out if someone is a good match or not? That seems to be a crucial step before any of what you’re discussing here can apply, and something that I find difficult to do.


Thanks for theses useful advices Elena. I was brought to your site thru another article from you, “How To marry a beautiful Eastern Lady like Me” on the Russian scammers’ page. Your excellent dating site reminds me of another good former french dating site in the late 90s, Eurocommunication, based at the Cote d’Azur, specialized in meeting people from the East. The difference is that one paid via postal mail for a booklet with hundreds of photos, addresses and phone numbers, Internet beginning only to expand in the commercial field then. Now, this agency has disappeared unfortunatly but your site… Read more »


This is a very informative article. Recently I broke up with a person with whom i was living for last 3 years. The decision was tough and the process very painful. When i read this blog i came to know the tips which are necessary for such action. I am really thankful to you for this article. I am now back on your site looking for my soulmate. Thank you very much for such informative article


I have some personal advises for everyone, who is in the role of the victim, who is abandoned by the partner. Firstly, let yourself suffer for some time. Secondly, end this relationship. I mean delete all the messages, conceal all the photos. Put him/her on the black list – no meetings, no contacts. The next step is to ask for help: a friend or a psychologist – that is much better. Find a new joy source, become irresistible – and you will be happy again!


Very nice tips. The real problem begins when one person wants to break up and another is ready for long relations. And in such situation, no matter how polite and gentle you are, you’ll break other person’s heart. If you decided to break up – do it as fast as possible – don’t make your partner suffer because of your cold attitude or harsh words.