building-sexThe building that visibly resembles a couple having sex has been erected in Germany for a festival. The temporary structure has been designed especially for the series The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for the annual fair in Bochum.

The festival attendees have mostly a positive attitude towards the unusual construction, said the organizers, but online commentators were more abrupt, labeling the creative work “architectural porn”.

The unusual building is utilized as a VIP hotel suit for the guests.

It has been given the name of “Domestikator” by the creative agency, which designed the peculiar edifice.

The red-colored cubist erection will be on exhibit until 26 September 2015.

The plan to build the controversial composition has been in works since 2014.

The creators said that their formation expresses “the sophistication and the capacities of humankind” and its ability “to dominate, domesticate the natural environment”, reported

86% of people agree that the building does resemble a couple having sex.

The organizers intend to re-erect the structure for the festivals in 2016 and 2017. The provocative design has been featured in many publications throughout Europe and worldwide.

With its bright red color and giant size, the building has been certainly set up to draw attention, the function at which the authors have certainly excelled.

The English tabloid ran an online poll asking whether readers thought the building indeed looked like a couple having sex. 86% of respondents agreed that it did, with 5% stating it didn’t, and another 9% saying it only resembled this idea from a certain angle.

It is amazing that a simple structure with a slightly suggestive shape could cause such a controversy and a lengthy online discussion, depicting something that has been happening daily since the beginning of time. Are we so sexually repressed as a nation that even a hint at love making or human anatomy makes us blush and giggle?

Earlier we reported on an Australian bar that used nude models covered in fruit for its launch, causing a social media meltdown. The recipe seems to be simple: hint at sex but call it “art”, and you will get a mention and a free promotion, for as long as the very nature of the humankind as a species — physical love and procreating — will remain a taboo as a topic.


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I want to say that for me this building is a kind of joke. The design is unusual and rather interesting as an idea for a hotel. I can’t see anything awful, it is not porn at all, everything is ok and it is nice that there are so many interesting buildings in the world.