Sugar Daddy vs. Dirty Old ManLet’s talk about sugar daddies, dirty old men, and guys who lie to women — and about the lifetime plight of these types.

Through the blog and dating site I come across a lot of men who seem to struggle with women. The reason is that they lie to women, and they are also dishonest with themselves: they pretend to be a nice guy when they are, in fact, a sugar daddy or a dirty old man.

Why Lying Is Counterproductive

Lying and cheating, cutting corners and taking advantage of other people is counterproductive by default.

When I was in my teens, I came across a saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln:

“Lying and cheating is the tool of fools, who are not smart enough to be honest.”

I think about it every time I stumble upon people who try to lie their way through relationships (or business). How stupid is that, trying to lie to other people in order to “get” something from them.

It is, in fact, attempting to use and consume another person: If you cannot be 100% honest at all times, you are not at peace with yourself. Trying to use (consume) other people will only bring into your life 1 type of people who can bear being next to you: Another user/consumer of people.

Normal people cannot stand liars, fakers, and pretence.

Dirty Old Man Vs. Sugar Daddy

I came across this statement of old men seeking young women countless times online, it invariably says something like this:

“All pretty Russian/Ukrainian women are scammers, only ugly and old are real. The young and pretty ones only try to get your money.”

sugar daddy (4)

Get in shape, get the look, earn some money or fame, and then enjoy the fruits of your labour!

I guess this is what they discuss on their forums for seekers of young hot bodies, salivating over pretty pics of cute girls happy to engage in communication with old foreign men (read: pay per letter money extortion schemes). The dating wisdom from these guys will make you one of them, read: “Lonely, sad, and pathetic”.

Sorry, guys, you are the scammer here. If you are 52 and wish to meet women 18-32, then you are the scam artist.

  • Do you have a daughter?
  • Would you like her to be screwing the guy your age (or older)?

Your time to love young women was when you were young. If you missed it, your loss. If you are old and want to meet a young woman, read this post: How to marry a woman 25 years younger.

Do you have what it takes?

  • You do indeed have what it takes? Go ahead, you will be fine — you won’t need to complain about “scammers”, the women will be falling to your feet.
  • If not, you are scamming yourself. Stop. Get in shape, get the look, earn the amount of money (or fame) it takes to appeal to a young woman, book your trip to Ukraine and start dating, and then enjoy the fruits of your labour — take these excited ladettes to clubs, trips by helicopter and private yachts, exclusive parties, and you will be just fine. Young women who date older men are attracted to their charisma and ability to rule the world. They want a sugar daddy, and you can be one, if you wish.
  • Young girls are not attracted to dirty old men who try to cheat their way through courting and snatch cradles that they are not entitled to. Sorry, guys, you have to pay the full price here — no Lamborghinis on 90% discount are available in this world. If you are old and you want a young and pretty girl, you have to pay the full price (see above). Learn to rule the world — or at least a sizable corner of it.

What makes one a sugar daddy or a dirty old man? A large age difference in dating — the generation-wide gap. Could you be her father? Then the difference is generation-wide.

What is the difference between a dirty old man and a sugar daddy? Money and fame (or the absence of these). If you have either (or better both), then you can be a “sugar daddy” and date women who are 20, 30, 40 years younger than yourself.

If you don’t have the money/fame, you are downgraded to the status of the “dirty old man”, who is salivating in the corner over what he cannot get.

The pretty girls who love the glamour are instantly attracted to guys who live in the fast lane. You don’t even need to say anything, just drive an Aston Martin and wear a Patek (don’t worry, this breed notices the brand of your watch at 1000 feet), and wink — they’ll jump next to you. They can guesstimate your yearly income by checking your shoes. They don’t mind that you are older, because you have what it takes: The Charisma. The Inner Power. The Energy. (You thought it was money? No, the money alone is not enough. You need to have the personality as well.


sugar daddy

Look in The Mirror: Who Are You?

If you seek a young hot body to consume (of course, you are seeking “love”, don’t we all?), then be prepared for someone in the same plane of life, a consumer. No, there is no soulful connection and “deep understanding” with someone who could be your daughter. Yes, you can like and enjoy each other — for some time. Until her requirements in life change.

Or you may become an exception: René Angélil to Celine Dion. These rare cases do exist, but they, again, don’t contradict my tips on marrying a woman 25 years younger: They confirm what I state, plain and obvious.


dirty old man

It’s Your Life

I absolutely don’t mind what people do in their private lives — if you wish to date women 20+ years younger, go ahead. Just stop winging about “scammers”. If you are getting scammed, you don’t have what it takes, stop trying. Stop lying to yourself that this is possible — yes, dating with a large age difference is possible, but not for everyone.

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Smart and cool cougars have no problem getting younger men to have fun with.

Just like running a marathon is possible, or climbing Everest is possible — can you do it? Have you done it? What would you need to accomplish first to be able to do it? It’s the same here.

Love prefers equals. Older women (cougars) have no problem getting younger men who just want to have fun. But these ladies are in shape, smart, cool, and fun to be with — otherwise young guys wouldn’t want to be with them and enjoy their company. Young guys are doing it because they are having fun! Not because cougars conned them to be with them. Cougars actually can take their pick — they have what young guys want.

The same for you: If you wish to be in the position of a sugar daddy that girls enjoy partying with, meet the requirements. Pay the full price and stop lying to yourself and others.

If you wanted love and devotion, you would be able to find them — but with a lady who does want someone like you. Someone similar to yourself in looks, age, intelligence, and financial standing. If you think “that’s not good enough”, then you are not good enough — start on the road of self-improvement to get what you want, what you rightfully deserve.

The world is ultimately connected today. You cannot buy a youthful “mail order bride” on discount from poor countries — not in Russia, not in Ukraine, not in Asia. You can only get the type of partner similar to who you are yourself.





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Elena, sorry lady but young guys use cougars when they hit a dry spell. Cougars are not cool in shape ladies who have things together, they are old whores who can’t form bonds because they are jaded, bitter and quite frankly have had way too many men inside them.


“young guys use cougars when they hit a dry spell.”
Oh, so cute! 🙂
I think cougars use young guys when they hit a dry spell.


Elena, What about an older guy (not elderly) who still wants to have kids? I’m 53 and it’s medically recommended that I have kids with a woman who’s under 35 in order to ensure the best health for the mother and babies. I’m not rich and into party girls or trophy wives, I just want a nice healthy woman of child-bearing years who wants to create a family with me. I have three kids with my first wife and my youngest is only 6, so I’m pretty sure that I can still father children. I’m youthful, fit, ambitious and energetic,… Read more »


I’m 55 and I get indications of interest from pretty 19-20 year old girls all the time in the USA and Ukraine. It’s not just my imagination either and it happens to other men in their 50’s. Nothing comes of it in my case. They are very pretty but not really sexual the way a 35 yo woman is sexual, so I’m the one doing the rejecting, though gently, by simply not following up. Young women seek older men for many reasons, same as shy young men seek older women: they want to practice sex and seduction techniques in safe… Read more »