st-valentines-giftsWe asked our users, men and women, what kind of gifts would they like to receive on St. Valentine’s day.

284 people responded to the online poll (226 women and 58 men).

What Women Want on Valentine’s Day

Women were far more active answering the poll. Apparently, men are not that concerned about Valentine’s presents.

Valentine's gifts

Flowers are popular among women as a Valentine’s gift.

On top of women’s preferences are flowers and perfume. Many girls also said they would love to go to a trip somewhere. Other popular answers included love, a ring, meeting a soul mate and even a kiss.

Non-material presents:

  • A man who loves me
  • Love
  • My second half
  • Husband
  • Marriage proposal
  • Kiss
  • My love
  • Meeting a great man

Material gifts:

  • Romantic dinner
  • Flowers
  • Perfume
  • Collection of love songs
  • Book on arts
  • Heart-shaped jewellery box
  • Candies
  • “Pandora” bracelet
  • Spa voucher
  • Jewellery
  • A bunch of orchards, to see mountains and dance tango together

Something really big:

  • Diamond ring
  • Cartier ring
  • Romantic meeting in Europe
  • English lessons
  • Trip abroad
  • Мерседес GL500
  • Seaside vacation
  • Car
  • Audi А8
  • Bentley GT blue color
  • Macbook Air
  • Bull Mastiff puppy
  • Christian Louboutin shoes
  • Iphone 6
  • Samsung Duos
  • Two tickets to Disneyland

Apparently, some girls would love to see giant proofs of love on the day. But most women will be happy to get flowers, perfume, and romantic dinner. What is most important for ladies, who is the man they are with!

What Men Want as Valentine’s Gifts

Men were rather timid providing answers. They don’t seem to be too concerned about Valentine’s Day presents.

Material gifts are obviously not in the centre of guys’ attention. Spending time with the special woman, a romantic dinner or a trip away were popular options. Handmade presents were also on the list.

What men want:

Non-material gifts:


Valentine’s presents typically include romantic dinners, flowers, and perfume — women do want these things, poll results show. Men are more interested in sharing time with their ladies.

  • No physical item, but time with my significant other.
  • The best gift is passionate sex. I don’t really care for “gifts.”
  • А nice day trip together somewhere would be a nice gift — getting to spend time together easily beats anything materialistic
  • A decent woman with whom we can live together a fulfilled life for both. It’s the one thing I have missing in my life!
  • My soul mate
  • The love of a good woman
  • Love and a hug
  • A love letter
  • A smile from a lovely lady
  • А best friend, to kiss:)
  • A beautiful woman, a fancy dinner, good cocktails, and great conversation

Material gifts:

  • aftershave
  • framed picture
  • а new leather strap for my watch
  • handmade present from a girl
  • a greeting card would be just as good as anything

Good luck with finding the right gift for the special woman in your life! And if you haven’t found a present yet, check our video Valentine’s greetings page, maybe there is one you like.


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Survey Authors, aka probably Elena’s staff — THANK YOU for this article. I have never been a reader of popular surveys or articles about relationship from any mass media (though i HAVE read most of Elena’s articles offered here on her website), but this article and how it is written is a great example of how to do it! I think it’s practical, relevant for most of us, and written simple, direct, and fun. The survey would have meant nothing to any of us had the findings not been organized and presented to us in this article. Thanks!


“two tickets to Disneyland” – well, that was a strong one xD but hey, if speaking of men, they always act like “big children”, so the gift should be appropriate: maybe a helicopter or a car on a remote control? That certainly will work out xD
Anyway, thanks for the useful article!


Men prefer to receive non-material gifts on St. Valentine’s day. I believe that aftershave is silly thing. Women do not focus attention on material gifts. The car, a diamond ring or a new phone are not specific gifts to this holiday. The best gift for me on St. Valentine’s day is meeting with a loved one and held with him the whole day together.


Relationship is not only presents. Who wants a car for St. Valentine’s day? Girls, it’s not normal. For this St. Valentine’s by BF presented me a beautiful bouquet and spent the whole day with me. And you know what? It was the best present for me because I spent that day with my best beloved.