What Our Members Want for ChristmasIt’s just a couple of weeks until Christmas, and we decided to find out what our members want Santa to deliver for them on the big day.

Online Poll: “What do you want for Christmas? (Tell us what you would really like.)”

We asked Elena’s Models members what they would like to have for Christmas. The question wasn’t formulated specifically to ask what kind of present they would like to get, so that we could gather precise responses.

Unsurprisingly for members of a dating site, the majority of respondents said they wanted to find love, soul mate, a family, a husband or a wife.

The word “love” is clearly in the centre of the word cloud graphics that project the most frequently used words.

Quite a few members wrote that they wanted peace and happiness for others.

Among gifts requiring financial input, travel was high on the list of wishes by women: There were desires to visit many European countries and even a vacation in Asia. Jewellery and specifically an engagement ring were also popular among women.

Among material presents, iPhone 6s is definitely a thing that many girls dream about, as well as chocolates and flowers.

Some of women’s desires were more outlandish: a Ferrari, a new apartment, a car, a mink fur coat, and even 1 billion dollars.

Now you know what women want for Christmas!

Guys also wanted mostly to find a woman of their dreams or a girlfriend, but some expressed desires for a jetski, a car, a dirt bike, a box of Cuban cigars, or a boat full of money. Men were in general less eccentric in their requests than women.

Survey results: What men and women want for Christmas

Unsurprisingly, the majority of dating site members dream of LOVE. (Click to enlarge the picture)

To all the participants: Thank you. (320 people submitted their answers.)

  • To the people who are seeking love and a partner: I will submit your list to Santa, and put in a good word for you. We’ll see how it goes.
  • To the ones who want material things: Start working harder. It can be bought.
  • To the few guys who complained about pop-ups with the survey: You missed your chance to ask for something you could get. I think you may be concentrating on wrong things, while you are on a dating site. Your mind is certainly not in the Christmas spirit as yet. If you are to get what you want from Santa, you at least need to know what it is!

What Women Want for Xmas:

  1. Love
  2. To love and be loved
  3. Real love
  4. True love
  5. I want to have a family
  6. Find my soul mate
  7. Man of my dreams
  8. Peace on Earth
  9. Kids
  10. Husband
  11. Marriage
  12. A magic meeting
  13. To be happy

Things Women Want as Christmas Presents:

  • Large candy bouquet
  • Big box of chocolates
  • Many flowers
  • Beautiful jewellery
  • An engagement ring
  • Cosmetics or perfume
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Watch
  • Chanel boy bag
  • iPhone 6s
  • Shoes by Christian Louboutin
  • Computer
  • Mink fur coat
  • Gucci flip flop
  • New apartment
  • Nice house
  • 1 billion dollars
  • Diamonds
  • Gold necklace
  • Ferrari
  • Vacation in Asia
  • Trip to Vienna
  • Travel
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Visit Christmas markets in Europe (Germany or Hungary)
  • I would appreciate any gifts (new skis, spirits, red wine, fruit basket)

What Men Want for Xmas:

  1. To meet this really special someone
  2. Meet the girl of my dreams
  3. My life partner
  4. Be in a committed relationship
  5. Family
  6. Spend a quiet evening with my woman
  7. A wife
  8. A girlfriend
  9. Prosperity with family
  10. A date with a beautiful lady
  11. A divorce
  12. Russian bride
  13. A woman that will love me unconditionally
  14. A supper with a special lady
  15. Everyone to be happy

Things Men Want as Christmas Presents:

  • Jetski
  • Dirt bike
  • 60″ TV
  • A new car
  • Jaguar coupe
  • BMW
  • Box of Cuban cigars
  • Trip to Ukraine
  • A boat load of money


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You learn stuff on this site. I just googled “Chanel Boy Bag” and “Shoes by Christian Louboutin”.

Now I can pretend to be fashionable. 😉


Very interesting and helpful information for those lucky people who managed to read it in time. I’ve just found this article now that the New Year and Christmas holidays are getting over. I wish I saw it before, since it was really a problem for me, as i had to choose presents for my wife’s big family. I wanted it to be something special, unique, and worthy, so i had to browse for a couple of weeks in order to get something suitable.


Oh, really, true mutual love would be an excellent present from the Santa! And I hope him to bring that gift to all the people this year. Well, this survey is very useful because it is difficult enough to guess what to give as a gift every year, as for me.


It’s so great that in the century of high technologies people still want things that can’t be bought: like love, family, children. Personally I think every present is good if it is made of good intentions and from all of your heart. Don’t forget to write just a little greeting card, it is how your words can be remembered forever.