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Analytical center Levada interviewed 1,600 Russians about their attitudes to issues of love and sex and compared to findings from 1998 and 2008. Russians are becoming more conservative, the latest survey showed.

Russians are getting more conservative in love and sex

Traditionalist attitudes in views on relationships, family life and reproduction are gaining wider support in Russia over the last 2 decades, the latest polls by Levada show.

  • The share of people who unconditionally condemn extramarital relations increased from 50% (1998) to 68%.
  • Same-sex relations are condemned by 81% (rise from 68%). Only 8% of Russians think that there is nothing reprehensible in same-sex relations.
  • 35% condemn abortions (23% in 1998).

It’s still widely considered the woman’s job to do the housekeeping and take care of the family, while the husband’s duty is to earn money

  • 54% of respondents agreed that it’s the husband’s duty to earn money and the wife’s job is to do housekeeping and look after the family. (It’s the same share of respondents as in another survey on who should be the provider in a family.)
  • Only 20% disagree with this statement.
  • Others didn’t express an opinion.

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Russian women are more conservative than men

For example, men’s view towards cheating in a marriage are more liberal. Only 5% of women don’t see anything reprehensible in extramarital affairs, while 13% of males think it’s fine for a married person to enter sexual relationships outside the marriage.

Women’s’ opinion on abortions due to financial difficulties does not depend on age. However, the overall trend shows that it has also become more conservative. A decade ago, only one in five women considered such abortion to be reprehensible. Now it is one in three. It is significant that opinions of women living in big cities coincide with those of the ones living in the province and villages. Hence, urbanization and thinking specifics do not notably influence the way people act and taboos regarding love and sex.

The only difference was noted in answers of female respondents from small cities and villages in attitude towards abortions due to low income, they are slightly more accepting. This probably caused by the fact that Russians living in big cities are generally more stable financially.

Religion is a factor, the poll analysts noted. There is a difference in answers of people who consider themselves Orthodox Christian and go to church at least once a month and those who don’t practice. Among practicing Christians, only 16% of people do not condemn abortions due to financial reasons. Among the second group, the share grows to 35%.

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Lina Shel
Lina Shel

It sounds strange! Maybe this analytics asked only people in small villages? I see that sexual education is becoming more popular. A lot of my friends like to experiment with sexual relationship. Swing, homosexuality and “open relationsips” are not something extraordinary nowdays!