Russian Kindergarten for adultsKindergarten for adults opened in Novosibirsk, Russia. The idea belongs to a local programmer Evgeniy Pyatkovski.

Kindergarten for adults in Novosibirsk

The kindergarten for grownups became quite popular among Novosibirsk residents.

Its founder says that his daughter inspired him to start the business. The girl feels happy when she goes to the day care center. Looking at her Pyatkovski realized that the only time he was genuinely happy was in his childhood.

Soon the idea emerged to establish a kindergarten for adults.

The businessman plans to open a network of such centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, reports.

“A tour to childhood” costs 3,000 rubles (USD $46) per day. For this money, visitors are offered following activities:

  • drawing;
  • playing with clay;
  • singing;
  • eating the “long forgotten” hot porridge for breakfast;
  • a baked pudding and cocoa for the afternoon tea.

The “kids” are also provided with art classes. So, while you may think it’s funny for grownups to engage in things that kids find amusing, it’s about making money and not just some child play.

The center is the most popular among Russian males aged 28-40 and women 23-30.

Video: Day care for grownups

Wonder what grown up guys and ladies do in a day care centre? See it for yourself.

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What an incredible example of people making money out of literally nowhere! A wonderful idea, to be honest. We all sometimes have a desire to turn back time to the good old days and become children at least for some hours. I’m not an exception too – at times I just join my daughter to play Barbie and forget about all the problems existing in my life. It’s so relaxing! That’s why I understand these people ready to pay for becoming a child ‘officially’. Though, I still don’t see why they can’t just let their hair down and be children… Read more »


Wow, that’s really great idea! Every man and women have a child deep inside, and this “kindergarten” – best way to set that kid free! I guess it can be a great psychological help for people in depression too, cause what can be better than to feel like a little kid for a few days? I applaud to this guy who set up this centre!


I think this is very interesting idea! Everybody wants to return to their childhood, to remember the pleasant memories when he was playing the funny games and was starting to research mystery and magic surrounding world. I would like to visit this Kindergarten.


Wow, that looks really funny. I know many people who want to get back to childhood, because childhood is the best part of life for almost everyone, as I can see it’s so amazing to have the opportunity to spend some time in this “piece of happiness”.